Sad, Beautiful, Tragic.

This is about a girl. A plane Jayne if you will. Not the most beautiful girl, but pretty in a subtle way. She was odd with corks and wasn't perfect but perfect in her own way. She was the nicest girl you would've ever met. Genital and kind heated. This is how 5 boys of every girls dreams noticed her. They became friends but nothing more. Until things started to change-BIG things- and emotions flickered and things were never the same. This is the story of how a small town girl met some troublesome boys.


1. Chapter 1, Looking Back:



Chapter 1, Looking back:

Looking back I now realize that my time with the boys was precious. Rare and almost intimate. I was the luckiest girl in the world and didn't realize it until it was too late to work things out. Many have wanted to know my story and get to know the boys like I did. After years and year of self debate I have decided that it's finally time to make my story known. Time to let the world know how I met One Direction.



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