This is for 1SHOT41D contest. Kaikala loves ONE DIRECTION but when her favorite NIALL HORAN wants to go out with her something tells Kaikala to say no. What happens when she finally gives in?!?!



                                                                                KAIKALA'S P.O.V.

                       It's the week before Valentine's Day.My best friend and I are on our way  to a ONE DIRECTION meet & greet. From where we are it's about three minutes away. I wonder what it's gonna be like. I hope Niall notices me. I examined our outfits for the one millionth time. I was wearing a free hugs shirt and some knee length shorts with some black boots. Stephanie wore a VAS HAPPENIN t-shirt and jeans with some sneakers.

                                          "We're HEREEE" Stephanie sang happily.

                                   We bolted out of the car and to the 1D WORLD store. To our surprise we were the first ones. I'm guessing ONE DIRECTION were already there because there's already a ton of secruity guards outside. We went up to one of them and asked if we could go in. We went inside and saw the guys messing around with each other as soon as they saw us they stopped and sat down. Stephanie started to nudge me and I justt laughed as we walked towards them.

                                          "VAS HAPPENIN" Zayn shouted while signing the album, we just giggled a little.

                                          " Hey, Carrot Princess" Louis said signing the album to. Stephanie and I just stood there fangirling in  our minds.

                                                                                  NIALL'S P.O.V. 

                                 Oh my I have never seen a girl more beautiful than the one standing right in front of us. I hope I don't  sound to forward if I ask her out.

                                          "Hello Loves " Liam said while signing the album and passing it to me.

                                           " He-Hello" I stuttered. Why did I do that now she must think that I'm a freak. I passed down the album to Harry. C'mon Niall this is your chance to ask her out. But what if she says no. I am so chickening out.

                                         "Hiiiiii" Harry said signing the album and handing it to the girls. 

                                            "Wait" I shouted just as they were walking out. They both turned around and I ran up to them leaving the boys clueless. 

                                             "What's you name" I asked her. Her wavy brown hair flowed in the wind while she said " Kaikala and this is Stephanie" She replied.

                                       "Will you go out with me I know we just met and all but will you"  I asked her.

                                         " I'm sorry I just can't" She responded. Those were the words I didn't want to hear. All I wanted to know was why she said know.

                                                                   KAIKALA'S P.O.V.

                                  I can't believe he just asked me out like that.

                                           "Why'd you say no" Stephanie asked while we gout into the truck we bought together.

                                           "B'cuz you know what happens to their girlfriends they get hate and  you know how sensitive I am" I told her. We started to drive to the other side of the mall to get an outfit for the concert later today.

                                            " You know most girls would have said Yes" She told me while parking.

                                           "Well I'm not most girls" I told her. We went into hot topic and Stephanie bought a Zayn inspired outfit while I got some black suspenders, a white ONE DIRECTION t-shirt,black knee high sneakers, and a black skirt. We headed to our shared flat and changed then drove off to the concert.It took two hours to get there. We had front row seats so when they came out Niall saw me and waved which made the girls behind us scream. After their fifth song from TAKE ME HOME. Niall went right in front of me then all the girls around us squeal.

                                          "There's a beautiful girl here who I would love to bring up here so" NIALL started. I hope it's not me and I'm not gonna wait to find out. I grabbed Stephanie's arm and headed for the exit all the other girls and a couple guys were looking at us like we're physchos or something.

                                          "Wait" NIALL continued while hopping off the stage and bringing me back with him. Was this boy crazy or what.

                                           "Will you go out with me" he asked me once again.

                                            "Why" He asked me.

                                             "Ok look if we meet again I will go out with you Niall" I told him hopping off the stage knowing that we wouldn't meet again. Then they started singing 'KISS YOU'.

                                                           *Valentine's Day/Festival*

                                      It's been a week since the whole Niall thing. Today my two cousins and I are gonna be singing 'ALONE' BY KELLY CLARKSON. Stephanie was watching from the audience.

                                        "Please Welcome THREE SOULS" The lady announced as we walked out on stage. Pearl started off the song. Then Victoria started before the chorus. We all sang that part then it was my solo I started to sing"When you look me in the eye it's like your far away,yeah some pretty legs go walking by your gaze is wandering yeah" while i was singing that I saw NIALL and the boys. I saw his eyes lay on mine. We ended the song and the lady/announcer that we're having a little break and to enjoy the festival. I knew that since Niall saw me that I would have to go out with him now. I ran towards him while Pearl and Victoria went to get some food. 

                                         "How did you find me" I asked him.

                                         "We were walking around the beach when I saw a sign saying THREE SOULS at the Valentine's Day Festival and I saw you on the sign with some other girls and I decided I would see you" Niall said happily.

                                          "OK so what now" I asked him.

                                          "Well I believe you owe me a date" He told me while grabbing my hand. I held his hand back while the boys slowly walked away. Niall led me to a blanket on the beach after all his fans left. We layed down and watched the stars.

                                          "You have no idea how much I thought about you"He said still looking at the stars.

                                          "I bet I don't " I responded.

                                           "I never told you how beautiful your name is" He said smiling like a little kid on Christmas Day. When he said that fireworks burst into the sky."Kaikala will you be my Valentine" is what it said with a heart at the end. "My name's Hawaiian by the way and YES" I told him then we kissed passionetly.

                                            "Niall that was my first kiss" I said while breaking the kiss.

                                            "I'm Glad" He said with eyes filled with joy. Then he pulled out a box that was shaped like a heart and said Princess. He handed it to me and I opened it. Inside of it was a bracelet that said Niall's Princess and engraved on the back was the word FATE. We lied down and stayed like that for awhile.




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