Apocalypse 2012

This is how a family survives the 2012 nationwide apocalypse.


3. Chapter 3

Our family moved in peacefully. We eventually made it to where we could do anything.

One day, I got the idea of what would happen if we left our neighborhood. I asked my mom and she nodded with approval and got my dads bike. Carson, David and I rode all around our town and eventually found the mall. 

It turns out, a group went around and gathered families who wanted to survive and took them to the warmer states like California, Florida and Texas. So there was almost no one in our town left. How did we find this out? They asked us to come with them. My family politely refused and they went on in their little cluster.

Carson, David and I maneuvered our way through the cars on the bikes. My mom was behind us and we pulled into the mall parking lot. We tossed our bikes into the entrance and attempted to get to automatic doors to open. They wouldn't. Carson led us through a tiny alleyway between a restaurant and into a emergency exit. It said; "DO NOT OPEN. ALARM WILL SOUND." We opened it and no alarm went off. The mall was empty. All stores open. No one there. Not even a single soul. 

The first thing that ran through my mind was get all the clothes.

My mom went to get clothes for Angel and Christian. We all walked through the stores and found anything we liked. We went into Hollister, and Aeropostale, and many other stores. We had at least 7 different bags filled with clothes. I grabbed everything I wanted. Then, I heard a small whistling sound.

"Carson!" I whispered. "Shh." I said. We listened and saw a thin blonde girl, decked out in Hollister clothes bouncing a ball in her hand. I recognized the blonde curls from anywhere. 


I dropped my bags. "Laylah?" I asked. She flicked up and stared at me. "Oh my god Skye." She smiled. I ran towards her and jumped on her. My arms were tied around her neck and I hugged her tight. "Laylah! Why are you here? Where are your parents!?" I asked her. Carson easily picked up my clothes and carried them to us. David followed slowly behind. "My parents went with a group and I refused to go. They said 'Fine. But you better find people to stay with.' But I never imagined it would be you!" She yelled. I hugged her. Carson smiled at her and grabbed her for a hug. I saw the gasp on her face. I laughed and she blushed.

After our amazing discovery we all went back to our house. Laylah came with us because we figured one more person can't hurt Laylah sat behind me on my bike, the seat was very large because it wasn't my bike. It was a bike we found behind the abandoned house. We balanced our shopping bags on the handlebars and put some in the tiny basket on the front. My mom followed behind and we all rode while laughing.

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