Apocalypse 2012

This is how a family survives the 2012 nationwide apocalypse.


2. Chapter 2

I sat in silence as my cousin Carson and his little sister, Angel stared at the blank TV. Christian, who is 11 months younger than me, looked at little 12 year old Angel and hugged her. I looked at Carson. "What do we do now?" I asked him. Carson was tall, with dirty blonde hair and piercing green eyes. He was only 15, but he had big muscles. Laylah had a huge crush on him. Carson looked at me. "I don't know." He said. I looked at Christian. He had dark brown hair and he took after my dad. He was fit, but not very muscular. Christian had brown eyes and he was tall, but I was taller than him. Angel was a tiny blonde girl who was very small for her age. She was 12 and was only 4'11. She still had some baby-fat and her ocean blue eyes stared at me. "This is crazy." She whispered. Carson had his friend David over. He would be with us the whole time. 

Our parents finished talking after that and we all sat down in their living room. The sky was dark which didn't help with the fact that now their living room was pitch black. They informed us that we are all moving into the abandoned mansion on the top of the hill. No one lived there. It's completely empty. We could work with that house. The kids all rode their bikes back and forth with supplies to the house. The parents rode their cars back and forth with mattresses, bed sheets, and pets.

Inside the house, It was huge! It had many many rooms and had a huge living room. It was dull but our family could make it work. I remembered my phone was in my pocket. I decided to tap the button to see if it would work. It did flash on, but I had enough time to see a text message from Laylah. It said;

"Skyee you're my best friend ever and i lov you so much! if i don't see you again remember you'll always be my best friend. xxx the world is ending according to my parents. ily ily ily remember that. <3 <3 <3 (: (: (: (': <3 Laylahh loves youu xooxoo"

Laylah texted me during the earthquake. I clicked my phone, knowing i had no time left to reply. i quickly typed.

"ILY Laylahh xoxoo your my bestie forever please don't forget me if i don't see you again xxx please remember ily so much if you lose anyone come to my house ily Laylahh xooxoo" I hit send. I text pretty fast, like any other teenage girl.

I looked at the message as it sent before my phone shut down. I started at the blank item in my hands and attempted to turn it back on. it flashed white over and over. 

Laylah was gone.


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