Apocalypse 2012

This is how a family survives the 2012 nationwide apocalypse.


1. Chapter 1

I carefully slid on my boots and grabbed my knife from the counter top. I grabbed a rubber-band and tied back my inky black hair. I quietly tiptoed out the door and saw as the sun was just about to rise. It was 5:30 AM. 

My name is Skylar Field. I'm 14 years old. My family survived the 2012 apocalypse. 

No one believed it would happen. Most people though it was just fake. and that the Myan calendar was wrong. But oh boy, those people were wrong. It didn't happen on December 21st. I happen almost 5 months later, in May.

It was a warm evening. Kids were awaiting summer break and adults egged children to finish their homework.

I sat on my bed and tried to finish my English homework as fast as I could. I eagerly awaited the call of my best friend, Laylah. We Face-Timed on our IPhone 4's and Skype'd on our laptops. I shut my English book and stuffed it into my backpack. I heard my father and brother yelling about a basketball game on our TV and my mom fixed up dinner. 

Sounds like a stereotypical family, but this was a normal summer night for us.

Then, The Earth began to quiver. The Earth went from a light quiver to a massive earthquake, My pictures fell off the walls and my lamps fell. Light-bulbs busted from my ceiling fan and my floor lamp. I sat on my bed with my hands covering my head. My ceiling lamp fell on the hardwood floor right in front of me. I let out a loud cry for help as my dad busted in my room and carried my apparently light body to the hallway. I saw my cat Sophie run into the bathroom. I quickly ran in there and grabbed her. She mewed slightly and felt comforted in my arms. My fake acrylic nails lightly scratched her back while I ran downstairs. My brother, Christian had my dog Samantha in his arms. I calmly gave my mom my cat and I walked into the main room of our basement and grabbed my bunny rabbit from her cage. I stroked her soft velvety body and sat her in my lap. My pajama pants were just fitted to where I could cross my legs and let the rabbit sit there. The shaking stopped. But a extremely heavy rain fell from the sky. We went back upstairs and my parents loaded our animals into their crates. My dad watched the weather channel and talked on the phone to my Aunt Opal. My mom told us to back everything and anything. I grabbed the suitcase from under my bed and packed all my clothes, I stuffed my Hollister and Target brand clothes into the suitcase. I stuffed a toy rabbit in there and grabbed my phone. I went into my bathroom and shoved all my shampoos and body scrubs into the case and ran outside. I stuffed my case into my dads truck and ran inside to grab a sweatshirt. I mean, I was only in pajama pants and a tank top. I hopped into the back seat and held my rabbit in his crate. We drove to my cousins house and knocked on their door.

The parents made the kids sit and watch the news while they all conversed in the living room. The balding weatherman had sweat dripping from his face as he said;

"I'm sorry to interrupt your programs but we have a extreme emergency. It seems like our worlds is going to see massive storms for a long time, ladies and gentlemen. There will be earthquakes and heavy storms ahead. We advise you all to stay inside and not to go out unless it is vital. We will-" BEEEEP.

The power was out.

I watched outside as all the houses flicked off.

The power grid was officially down.


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