Say your just a friend

A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic


6. Lunch With Louis <3

I walked into the Hall after class. My eyes Darting aroundtrying to find Louis. He always waits for me after class. He makes an exscuse to live 5 mins early so that he wont be late to wat for me after. I no were just friends but he is so sweet to me. As well as Austin, All the Girls love Louis to. When Maddie see's Austin shes all over him. When she see's Louis shes all over him to. When their together she Flirts as if their is no tomorrow. I must admit she is good at Flirting but she Makes me Sick.

I then saw Louis comng Towards me "Sorry im Late, The teacher wouldent let me go Apparently me needing to go get a carrot isnt a good exscuse. So how are you?" He Said Smilling at me " Im Fine thanks Louis, The highlight of that Lesson was when Austin tripped over the chair leg and feel, And all the girls were Like... Oh no! Austine My baby" I said Macking High pitched Girly Noises Austin Was next to Me and startted Laughting as well as me And Louis. I looked into Louis Blue eyes and Looked at his smooth Hair as he brushed it away from his face. He took my Stuff out of my Hands and put it in my Locker for me. I could trust Louis and Austin with anything. We startted to walk out side but stopped at Louis And Austin'e Locker to drop their stuff of. I was so Nervouse i couldent talk so i let them talk instead. I was Nervouse because i Loved Louis. "So, Olivia doing anything tonight?2 Austine said with a smile on his face and Nudging me a bit on the shoulder. I knew what he was getting at. He wanted me to tell Louis that us three were going to the cinema tonight if he Liked. "Louis Do you want to come to the Cinema with Me and Austin Tonight, We dont know what to watch yet." I said Whilst me and Louis Locked eyes. "Yeah..Umm Sure" He said Stuttering a liitle "So tonight at 6 i will pick Olivia up then come and pick up You Louis" Austin said trying to move on the Convosation. Louis walked a little bit faster everytime we got near a door, Then he Opend it for me and let me throgh. Austine and Louis wernt exsaclly Friends they hang out but not aloit so i diidnt quite know how tonight was going to work out. We got to the Lunch hall, It was a Friday so the Kitchen Seves Pzza and Chips with caremal Chocolate Pudding. That was Louis and Austines Favourite. Louis looked at me and said "What are you getting?" "Well im getting Your Favourite, i dont need to ask what your getting" I said with a smile on my face. I heard someone cough Behind me i looked behing and Saw Austine he was Coughing as if to say My favourite to you no!. I knew he still Loves me because everytime Im near louis he gets jelouse.  I guess im Lucky having Both of them Around. We got our Lunch and sat down on the nerest table. It was me, Mt best friend for like EVER Megan King, Lauren proyer, Olivia Button And Lucy Allen. They all had Popular Boyfriends i was the only Single but hopefully not for Long. I sat down With them Austin one side and Louis the other. Megans Boyfriend Josh came up behind Megan and gave her a Kiss we all said ahh in a cute way to that. Laurens Boyfriend Tom came and sat next to her to eat. Olivias Boyfriend Luke Sat With her and held her hand for a moment. Lucy's Boyfriend Mikey came behind Lucy whilst she was sat dawn and Tried to hug her from behind. It kinda worked.  I felt Austin put his Right hand on My left leg. It felt nice but i Loved Louis and when i pushed his hand away I looked at him and saw his Heart sink.

Louis was Talking to Mikey and Josh. Hde had invited them to the Movies tonight i diddnt mind at all. Atleast Tom Austines Bestfriend also Laurens Boyfriend Would keep Austin Out of trouble.

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