Say your just a friend

A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic


4. In Class...

Maddie The wicked (As me and my Friends call her) Came over and sat next to me. "Hi, Olivia!" She said with a smirck on her face. "Hi Maddie" I said Movng away from her a Little. If you EVER! Met her the first thing you would think is "TROUBLE!"
Do you know why? Because she is, She makes My life and all Of the other "Un-Popular" Girls Lifes a Miserey. "So.. what you doing tonght?" She asked Handing me an envalope. I could tell she was Jelouse so i said something i knew she would hate. "Oh, Whats this Maddie?"I said Whlst Planning a Little Sentance in My head... "Oh, Its just an Invite to my sleepover tonight, I hope you can come Livey" She said Smilling at me whilst Twirling her Chocolate Brown hair and Staring over my shoulder at Austine, All the Girls Love him. "Oh im so sorry, Maddie Im hanning out with Austine Tonight. Were going to the Movies" I said Smiling a cheeky Grin. Whilst Opening The Invite. I could Tell she got Angry as she got up out of her chair Gave me the "Evil eyes" Snatched the Invite out my hand and walked over to Austine. I giggled and Turnned around On my seat to see were she was going. I looked at her and she Looked at me and said to Austine "Austine I heard you were going to the Moves tonight with Olivia?" As she said that i Winked at Austin as if to say Go alone With it, 
"Yeah i am Maddie, Just as Friends" He said Pushing her away. He walked over to me and tripped over a chair on the way. I laughed at that. All the Girls ran over to him crowding him saying thngs like "Oh No! Austine are you okay Baby" Or "My poor Baby Boy, Be strong!" I giggled at them. Austin Got up and came to sit next to me. He smilled at me and said "So what we going to see?" I smilled and said Anything As long as Louis can come. "Why, Louis?" He asked with a confused Look on his face. "Well...." I started "Because im Planning on Asking him out" I said Trying Hard not to Look into Austines Gorgeouse Eyes As i said it The Twinkle in his eyes Went "Oh... Okay then Olivia i hope he Says Yes and if he dosent..Well I will bring a baseball Bat." I Giggled aloit at that And smiled. He smiled and Giggled to.


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