Dreaming With Secrets

Harry has an odd, reoccurring dream about some mystery girl. When he finds out that Zayn knows who this girl is, Harry wants to get to know her. Zayn however, doesn't approve of Harry getting to know her. Even against Zayn's will, they get together. No matter how hard Zayn tries, they both push to be together. But when Zayn tries to pull them apart and Bethany ends up right back in her past, can Harry save her and get Zayn to approve of them, or will Bethany's past kill her first?
Includes self harm references/actions, sex, drugs, alcohol, and cursing


20. True Love



I didn’t care that I had to carry her around everywhere. She knew I wasn’t going anywhere and if she did, I was going with her. She knew she could be strong and that made this whole night worth it all. I carried her inside and gently laid her down in bed. I watched her sleep for the first time in weeks. I smiled, watching her sleep peacefully. I kissed her lips before getting back into bed. I pulled myself next to her and played with her hair, watching her sleep because to me, it was honestly the most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

The next morning, I was sitting in the kitchen over the stove. I was making some broth for Bethany, who was, thankfully, still asleep.

“How is she?” I turned around and saw Zee standing in the doorway.

“She’s finally asleep. She fell asleep on our way home from our adventure last night.”

“You two went out?” Zee said in shock.

“Yeah…I brought her to the park right around the corner.”

“Why…?” Zee asked slowly.

“I woke up and she was stumbling around. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she wanted to do. I heard her and got up and took her there myself. We jumped off the bridge, talked, and brought her back. She’s finally asleep…” I sighed out.



“I never thought you’d be able to handle her. I was clearly wrong. The fact that you risked your life for her…”

“I love her.” I said, cutting her off.

“I believe it now. I can’t think of one other person that would personally take her to do what she wanted to do but save her as it was in process…”

“I wasn’t letting her leave. I love her.” I said again.

“Harry, I believe you.” Zee came up to me and started hugging me. I was surprised but hugged her back anyway. “The fact that you’re here, sticking with her, helping her…it all proves that you love her.”

“I really do love her…”

“Thank you.” Zee whispered into me.

“For what…?”

“For bringing Bethany back to me; I know it seems as if she’s worse, but the fact that you can deal with her, help her… and still love her through all of this…thank you.” I pulled away from Zee and she had tears in her eyes.

“Zee, I’m not leaving Bethany. I’m going to help her through this, even if I die trying.” Zee started crying even more and I pulled her back into a hug.

“What’s going on in here?” Zee pulled away from me as Louis walked into the room. “Zee, are you okay?” Louis asked, getting worried.

“I’m happy…” Zee said, wiping the tears away.

“You’re crying…”

“Harry’s helping Bethany…it makes me happy knowing she’s in good hands when I can’t be there.” Zee said slowly. Louis held his arms open to Zee and she fell into Louis’s arms and continued to cry.

“He’s got her Zee…I promise…” Louis whispered. I turned back to the broth and realized it was boiling. I turned the oven off and poured it into a bowl and walked upstairs with it to wait for Bethany to wake up.    



After Harry told me what he did for Bethany last night, I knew that he was perfect for her. The fact that he practically brought her to commit suicide, yet saved her…she got the thrill that she wanted and now she was asleep for the first time in two weeks. Harry didn’t see what he was doing as a lot…but it was a lot. This was pushing limits for Bethany. Bethany would’ve given up by now if it wasn’t for Harry, and I knew that as a fact.

“Let’s get you onto the couch.” Louis said. He pulled away from me and brought me into the living room where everyone else was.

“Zee!” Bradie yelled, jumping away from Niall and came over to me. “What’s wrong?!”

“Nothing.” I said.

“You’re crying…” Bradie said slowly, drawing attention to me.

“No, they’re tears of happiness.”

“How?” Liam asked. I looked down than back up. I slowly began to describe what Harry was doing for Bethany, and how it didn’t seem it…but he was saving her life.

“So…even though she looks like the walking dead, he’s helping her?” Niall asked.

“Yes.” I said.

“She can’t even get down here by herself…” Zayn pointed out.

“I’m not talking about her physical appearance!”

“Than what are you talking about? She looks horrible!” Zayn said.

“Shut the fuck up, Zayn. You’re the reason she can’t function. Who is up there helping her, Harry? Who is down here making her life miserable, you? You don’t understand how much you hurt her by trying to control her. As much as I love you, Zayn…you’re being a real prick.” I pointed out. The room was quiet and Zayn was looking at the ground.

“She does have a point.” Bradie finally said.

“Thanks.” I said as I curled into Louis. I felt angry at Zayn but I didn’t want it to lash out so I tried to comfort myself by being closer to Louis…and it was working.

“But, she is getting better mentally. Maybe not any other way but…she’s getting better.” Bradie said slowly. I sighed and turned my face into Louis’s side. I was honestly so happy that I knew deep down, that Bethany was getting better. 

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