Dreaming With Secrets

Harry has an odd, reoccurring dream about some mystery girl. When he finds out that Zayn knows who this girl is, Harry wants to get to know her. Zayn however, doesn't approve of Harry getting to know her. Even against Zayn's will, they get together. No matter how hard Zayn tries, they both push to be together. But when Zayn tries to pull them apart and Bethany ends up right back in her past, can Harry save her and get Zayn to approve of them, or will Bethany's past kill her first?
Includes self harm references/actions, sex, drugs, alcohol, and cursing


11. The Truth



“Who can you possibly talking to at this hour?” I groaned. Zee was next to me in my car happily typing away with a smile on her face.

“Louis…” Zee said happily. I rolled my eyes and turned my concentration back to the road. It was the end of June and I was graduating in a week. Finals started today and I was taking my only final today; Pre Calc. I had managed to keep an A average in every other class but that one.

“You’ll see him in like…a week and three days…what could you possibly have to talk about?” I asked.

“Everything!” Zee demanded.

“I can’t believe you two.” I said, shaking my head. We stopped at a red light and a few seconds later, my phone started ringing.

“It’s green!” Zee called. I snapped my attention back to the road and kept driving.

“Can you see who’s calling me?” I asked. Zee reached down and grabbed my phone. She froze when she read the name. “What’s wrong…?”

“Dr. Frank…?” Zee asked me sadly.

“Zee…” I said slowly. I felt tears prick my eyes.

“Were you even going to tell me?” Zee asked quietly.

“I didn’t know how to tell you…I mean…I didn’t want to worry you and Bradie.” I said.

“Who is it over?” Zee asked quietly.

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“Why are you back in therapy? Is it because Harry is so far away like it was with Mike or is it because of Zayn?” I was quiet until we pulled into the school parking lot.

“Zayn…” I finally said.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. I miss Harry dearly but…he isn’t the one treating me like shit…” I sighed.

“Who else knows?”

“Just my family and now you.”

“Not even Harry, Zayn, or Bradie…?!” Zee asked in shock. I shook my head and felt tears start falling from my eyes. “It’ll be okay.” Zee said. She leaned over the console and kissed my cheek lightly. “Come on…we need to get to class. We’re running late today.” I nodded and turned my car off. We got our stuff and went inside.



I was concerned for Bethany. I kept watching her as we walked inside but I had no idea what to do to help her. She wouldn’t even tell me she was back in therapy. I did believe her though when she told me she was back in there because of Zayn.

Her and Harry talked as often as they could since they had Zayn constantly up Harry’s ass about Bethany. They both handled it very well but I was still worried Bethany would do something to hurt herself again. I reached over and grabbed her hand. She glanced over at me and smiled as she intertwined her fingers with mine as we walked into school.



I walked into the living room this afternoon and Harry was staring off into space as Niall was sitting next to him, talking away like Harry was listening.

“Where are Lou and Liam?” I asked, cutting Niall off.

“There cleaning upstairs; why?” Niall asked.

“Why are they cleaning…?”

“Zee is coming for the summer.” Niall said. Harry still seemed very out of it so I walked over and tapped him. He must’ve jumped a good fifty feet.

“Jesus…what the hell do you want?” Harry growled.

“What’s your problem?” I asked defensively.

“You are.” Harry got up and stormed away, leaving his phone on the couch. Niall jumped up and chased after him to comfort him. I stood there and looked down at Harry’s phone that had just lit up. I reached over and grabbed it. Sam. I raised an eyebrow. He had never said anything about a Sam before. This made me so much more pissed off because I knew he wouldn’t be able to handle the distance with Bethany and would hurt her. I stormed after Harry and Niall. I walked into the kitchen and threw the phone on the counter.

“Sam, really? Who the hell is Sam?” I demanded. Harry snatched his phone back and glared at me.

“Clearly, none of your business!” He demanded.

“This is exactly why I didn’t want you talking to Bethany- you can’t even go a few months without her!”

“You don’t know what would’ve happened.” Niall shot back at me.

“You probably would’ve put her back in therapy.” I said, ignoring Niall.

“Yeah…I’m sure I would’ve.” Harry shoved his phone in his pocket and walked out of the room. I was steaming with anger. It took all my self control not to go after him. I sat down and Niall sat down with me.



Everything in the house has been so tense lately; Zayn constantly being up my ass, Louis getting ready for Zee’s arrival, Liam and Niall torn between Zayn and I. I took my phone out of my pocket and smiled.

Today is the worst. Day. Ever. – Bethany

Sam was Bethany…the only person who knew that though, was Niall.

What’s wrong love? – Harry

Everything… ): - Bethany

Tell me about it. – Harry

You have to promise not to tell anyone. – Bethany

Promise. – Harry

I’m back in therapy. – Bethany

I almost dropped my phone. I felt anger rise up in me but I couldn’t act on it or Zayn would know who Sam really was. I angrily ran my hands through my hair.

Harry…? – Bethany

I snatched my phone back up and quickly started to reply to Bethany, aka Sam.

Please tell me it isn’t my fault… - Harry

Not at all. If Zayn wasn’t such an asshole…I wouldn’t be in this condition. – Bethany

Its Zayn… are you kidding me? – Harry

I honestly wish I was. – Bethany

Oops…I need to go; my teacher is eyeing me down. Bye love <3 – Bethany

She said before I could respond to her. I tossed my phone onto the bed and felt the urge to cry. My angel…my beautiful angel was back in therapy all because of Zayn being an asshole. I wanted to kill him, but I knew I couldn’t.



“Hellllo beautiful.” I said as I dropped my stuff on our lunch table that afternoon. Bethany was sitting at the table running her hands through her hair. Zee walked in a few seconds later and sat down next to her.

“Hey.” Bethany said quietly.

“Is everything okay?” I asked.

“No, but…it’s whatever.” Bethany said.

“What’s going on…?” I looked at Zee who gave me a sad look.

“Bethany’s back in therapy because of Zayn…” Zee whispered. I got angry. Zayn…fucking Zayn… he needs to back off- simple as that. He was causing so many unnecessary problems and hurting Bethany.

“How long have you been going this time?” I asked slowly as I sat down.

“A few months…” Bethany whispered. She lifted her head from the table and she had tears streaming down her face. “The only good thing about being able to go to England is being able to see Harry but I’m dreading seeing Zayn.” Bethany said. “Maybe seeing Harry will help me a little, knowing he still cares.”  

“Oh, yeah…my mom said I could come too.” Bradie pointed out.

“Good.” Zee said. “My mom will defiantly be okay with this now.”

“Good…I honestly need to see him.” Bethany said.

“That’s how I feel. I need my boo bear.” Zee said as she started digging through her bag for her wallet.

“Hey…does my opinion here matter?” I asked.

“No one’s really giving opinions. We’re stating that we need to see our love interests.” Zee said as she started laughing. “I’ll be right back. Do you want anything Bethany?”

“I’m not hungry.” Bethany whispered. Zee shrugged and went to go get food.

“Bethany, you need to eat.” I said.

“I’ll live. If I can beat anorexia twice, I think I can do it a third time.” Bethany mumbled as more people started showing up at our table.

“It isn’t healthy.” I pushed.

“Oh well.” Bethany put her head back down into her arms. Zee came over and sat back down.

“She hasn’t eaten and still refuses to.” I said.

“I know…but the more we force her, the more she’ll push us away. We just have to be here for her.” Zee said. I looked back at Bethany and she looked like she was sleeping.

“Has she been sleeping?” I asked this time.

“Nope- one or two hours a night maybe.” Zee said as she ripped her bagel into pieces. I looked back at Bethany and felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. I wanted her to get better. 

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