Dreaming With Secrets

Harry has an odd, reoccurring dream about some mystery girl. When he finds out that Zayn knows who this girl is, Harry wants to get to know her. Zayn however, doesn't approve of Harry getting to know her. Even against Zayn's will, they get together. No matter how hard Zayn tries, they both push to be together. But when Zayn tries to pull them apart and Bethany ends up right back in her past, can Harry save her and get Zayn to approve of them, or will Bethany's past kill her first?
Includes self harm references/actions, sex, drugs, alcohol, and cursing


47. The Last Dream


I was waiting in the waiting room to be told that I could see Bethany. I had texted Liam telling him where I was and why I was there. While I was waiting, I had fallen asleep in the chair.

“Bethany I can’t lose you again…”

“Harry, it’s going to be okay; I’m going to be okay.”  

“I can’t lose you again…I need you to be mine.”

“Mr. Styles?” I snapped awake and I was looking around.


“We have some bad news…” My face dropped and I looked at the nurse.

“What is it…?”

“Bethany coughed up a lot of blood, her insides are torn up badly, her head is bad…she lost some of her memories, and she doesn’t totally remember everything.” I felt tears pricking my eyes, threatening to fall. “However…she remembers you and all about your relationship. It’s a good portion of her childhood that she doesn’t remember. She is also ready to see you.” I nodded and followed the nurse to Bethany’s room. I saw her and her head was bandaged up, her arms and ankles and bad rope burn, and she looked scared.

“Bethany…” She looked over at me and smiled weakly.

“Hello Harry.” She whispered. The nurse left the room and I walked over to Bethany’s bed.

“How are you feeling?”

“Better.” I nodded and looked her in the eyes.

“I can’t lose you…”

“Harry…be honest with yourself. We aren’t dating, we aren’t…we aren’t anything; you lost me when Zayn tore us apart.” I felt tears start pouring down my cheeks when she said that.


“You’re with Taylor; you should be happy.”

“It’s not real Bethany…just like we were forced to break up; Taylor and I are forced to be together. It isn’t real. We…our relationship was real. I want us back.”

“I do too Harry…but he honest with yourself…would Zayn and management ever allow that?” I started to cry even more.

“Give me a chance Bethany…please give me the chance to prove them all wrong…”



“I love you…I’m still in love with you; I never stopped loving you. From the moment I laid eyes on you, until the moment you walked out of my flat for the last time…I haven’t stopped loving you…” I got up than and pressed my lips to hers. Feeling her lips touch mine sent shivers through my body, butterflies to my stomach, and fireworks to my head.

“I never stopped loving you either…”

Later that evening, I had to leave the hospital so I went to talk to Zayn. We still hadn’t talked since the Bethany situation and I figured it was time to fix everything.

“Zayn…” I said, walking into the living room. Everyone turned to look at me and Zayn stood up.


“I love Bethany. I’m madly in love with Bethany…I want to ask her to be my wife.” Zayn’s mouth fell open, along with everyone else’s mouth in the room.

“Harry, you’re only 20!” Liam fought.

“We aren’t getting married right away, but I can’t lose her again. I’m madly in love with her and I don’t want to lose our friendship over her. But I do love her and I want to ask her to marry me…”

“Do it. I want you two to be happy. I realize what I did two months ago was wrong and I never should’ve done it. You make Bethany happy and I should’ve seen it earlier. I would be scared to let her go to any other guy.” I smiled and gave Zayn a big hug.

“Thanks mate.”

“Anything to see you both happy again.” Zayn whispered. I let him go and ran back out to the nearest jewelry store to get Bethany a ring. I had to ask her before it was too late. I wanted her to be mine.

The next morning I went directly to management with Taylor and Zayn to tell them about what the plan was. I knew they weren’t going to like it, but they no longer had a say.

“So, you’re telling me you’ve been cheating on Harry, Harry has plans to propose to another girl today, and Zayn you approve of this?” Simon asked, annoyed.

“Yes.” We all said.

“How are we supposed to get this to the press without it being too much?” Simon asked.

“Already done.” Taylor said. We all turned to look at her and she smiled. “I went to them last week and told them that things between Harry and I were bumpy. We decided the other night that we were going to break off this fake relationship so I called the press and told them it was official and we were done.”

“Wow…” Simon said, shaking his head. “Then I guess I have no other thing to do but let Taylor go home and let Harry marry Bethany, do I?”

“No sir…I don’t think you do.” Taylor said. Simon laughed and dismissed us all. I hugged Taylor goodbye and Zayn and I went to the hospital to see Bethany.



I had just woken up when there was a knock on my door. I called for whoever it was to come in and when I saw Zayn with Harry, I was defiantly surprised.

“Hello Zayn…” I said slowly.

“Hey Bethany; I just…came to support Harry.”

“Support Harry…?” I turned to look at Harry and he came over to my side of the bed.

“Bethany…I can’t lose you again.”

“Harry…we went over this.”

“So I want you to do me the honor of marrying me…” I gasped when Harry pulled out a simple ring. I felt tears well up in my eyes as I nodded my head like a crazy person.

“Yes…oh my god…yes…” I smiled and slipped the ring on her finger. Zayn was smiling as Harry leaned in to kiss me again.

“I love you Bethany…and I never stopped.”

“I love you too Harry…I never stopped loving you either.”



Maybe everything was supposed to end like this. I don’t know. Bethany, Zayn, and I all made up, Bethany and I were getting married, and…everything seemed right with the world. I had the girl I loved back, and one of my best friends back. What more could I possibly need?


The End 

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