Dreaming With Secrets

Harry has an odd, reoccurring dream about some mystery girl. When he finds out that Zayn knows who this girl is, Harry wants to get to know her. Zayn however, doesn't approve of Harry getting to know her. Even against Zayn's will, they get together. No matter how hard Zayn tries, they both push to be together. But when Zayn tries to pull them apart and Bethany ends up right back in her past, can Harry save her and get Zayn to approve of them, or will Bethany's past kill her first?
Includes self harm references/actions, sex, drugs, alcohol, and cursing


46. Girlfriends


Without thinking, I jumped in after her. I wasn’t going to let her do this to herself. When I opened my eyes under the water, they started to burn but I barely felt it. I saw Bethany’s body sinking lower and lower. I pushed further to get to her and when I finally grabbed her, I realized she was unconscious and couldn’t help me get her up. I took her tied up hands and wrapped them around my neck as I started pushing my way back to the top of the water. I was going to save her.

When I got to the top of the water, I felt her lifeless body weighing me down. I swam to the shore and put her down. I started to give her CPR hoping that something would happen; anything.

After fifteen minutes of trying, nothing happened. I knew I had lost her. I started to cry and I rested my head on her stomach.

“Bethany…I still love you. I’m still in love with you.” I whispered as a shoot star flew over head. This made me cry even more and I closed my eyes, trying to press back tears. I finally opened my eyes and slowly worked on untying the ropes that held her hands and feet together. I finally pulled my phone out to call the hospital and just as soon as I was about to press call, I heard coughing.



I was coughing wildly. I felt like my lungs were coming out of my body. Water was being spit out, mixed with a little blood I was coughing so hard. My eyes and ears were filled with water. I felt the water coming out as I coughed splatter all over my body. The next thing I knew, someone had lifted me into a sitting position so the water didn’t stay sitting in the back of my throat.

“Are you okay?” I heard a voice whispered as my coughing slowed. I looked up and saw Harry sitting next to me. My eyes grew wide and I started coughing again. Harry nodded, and pulled his phone out, probably calling the hospital.

“Hello, this is Harry Styles; I’m with my girlfriend who had left the house and attempted suicide…yes I saved her…she’s breathing right now…okay…yes ma’am…thank you…I’ll bet here soon.”

“Gi-girlfriend?” I coughed out.

“Yes…you’re my girlfriend.” Harry said as he picked me up bridal style and carried me to his car. He placed me in the passenger seat and ran around to his side and hopped in. He started to car and got us to the hospital in minutes. “I’m Harry Styles; I called about my girlfriend…”

“Aren’t you seeing Taylor Swift?”

“Not really; it’s fake. Can we please focus on my actual girlfriend please?” Harry said, sounding frustrated.

“Of course sir; put her in the wheel chair here. You are going to have to wait out here for awhile though.”

“That’s fine. But I’m not leaving until I see her.”

“Yes sir.” Harry placed me in the wheel chair and they started rolling me away. I was Harry’s girlfriend…I was his girlfriend again. 

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