Dreaming With Secrets

Harry has an odd, reoccurring dream about some mystery girl. When he finds out that Zayn knows who this girl is, Harry wants to get to know her. Zayn however, doesn't approve of Harry getting to know her. Even against Zayn's will, they get together. No matter how hard Zayn tries, they both push to be together. But when Zayn tries to pull them apart and Bethany ends up right back in her past, can Harry save her and get Zayn to approve of them, or will Bethany's past kill her first?
Includes self harm references/actions, sex, drugs, alcohol, and cursing


40. Better

When I got home, Harry was waiting for me in the kitchen since I had missed dinner. I sat down by him silently, not taking any food.

“Aren’t you hungry?” Harry asked. I shook my head and he got a look of worry. “You need to start eating again baby…”

“Harry, I have to talk to you.” Harry tensed up, looking like he was about to crumble. “I’m moving out.”

“Wh…what…?” Harry stammered.

“I can’t deal with Zayn anymore. I’m not breaking up with you, I just need out of this house. I can’t stand what’s going on between Zayn and me. I…I need a break from it all.”



Here it was…my dream was coming true. Though, she wasn’t breaking up with me, she was just moving out. I looked around, trying to find some way to convince her but then I realized it probably was a better idea for her to move out.

“Then I’m coming with you.” I stated. Bethany’s eyes grew wide but then softened. She smiled, leaned over the table, and kissed me.

“I would love for you to stay with me.” She whispered before kissing me again. I smiled and hugged her tightly.

“When are we moving? Have you found a place you’re interested in?”

“I paid the first three months of rent today for the place I got.” I was surprised but shook it off quickly.

“Sure…so when do we move in?”

“Whenever we want.” I smiled and leaned over to Bethany, kissing her again. Maybe this is exactly what we needed- to get away from Zayn. It might help Bethany feel better and maybe I wouldn’t be as tired anymore with all the fighting going on.

The next week or so, Bethany and I told everyone we were moving out. You could tell this pissed Zayn off even move because there was nothing he could do about it. However, everyone else figured we needed it and didn’t put up a fight. We were only going to be about ten minutes away so it wouldn’t be that far away if anyone ever wanted to visit us.

After we got everything out of the house, we finally started unpacking in the new flat. It was very nice and modern. Bethany picked a nice place. It was a two bedroom in case anyone we knew wanted to crash for the night. Overall, it was a very nice place; cozy enough for the two of us.



The next month that went by, Harry and I both started feeling better. My depression started going away and he started sleeping better and being able to work better so Simon was easily convinced that we were allowed to stay together. Everything, for once seemed to be going our way, but neither of us knew that, that was all about to change…  

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