Valentine's Day

So this is my entry for the 1D valentines day competition.

I was sitting with my friend outside a cafe, when all of a sudden Harry and Niall walked past chatting . . .


1. Valentine's Day


I looked at my best friend, Jade. I watched her eyes scan the sky. We are sitting outside of Starbucks. I had a hot chocolate and she had a latte. This is something we do every Saturday, except today is a special day. It's Valentine's day. 

Jade thinks this will be the day she will fall in love. I won't be surprised. I sipped my hot chocolate and looked up to see Niall Horan and Harry Styles from One Direction walk into Starbucks. 

"Jade! Harry Styles and Niall Horan just walked into Starbucks!" I hissed to her. 

"No way!" She turned and saw them ordering their drinks. "Oh. My. God. I love Niall! I also heard he's single too." 

"Today might be your lucky day." I told her, her face lit up. She is pretty, she has curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Niall will most likely notice her. 

"You think so?" She asked and I replied with a quick nod. I watched Niall and Harry grab their drinks then walk out. They weren't planning on staying here. I watched Jade's face fill with disappointment. She grabbed a lock of her hair and pulled it behind her ear, which she does when she's feeling sad. 

"Maybe it wasn't meant to be." I comforted her. Then Niall and Harry walked towards us. Just as Harry had passed me, Niall tripped. Spilling his coffee all over Jade's shoes, which also happen to be here favourite pair. 

"I'm so sorry!" Niall apologised. 

"It's fine, honestly. I can get my mum to see if she can clean my shoes." Jade grabbed her bag and pulled out her purse and passed Niall a fiver. "Here, buy yourself another coffee." she said smiling lightly, I instantly knew she was trying to get Niall to like her. 

"No! I couldn't take money off of you, here, have this. Hopefully it's enough to replace your shoes." Niall offered, passing her a fifty pound note. Jade blushed a deep shade of red and shook her head. 

"Not until you accept the fiver." She blackmailed. Niall rolled his eyes and took the fiver, giving her the fifty pound note. 

"Thank you." She thanked him in a small sweet voice. 

"Thanks. Wanna come with me to buy another coffee?" Niall asked and she nodded and stood up. I watched them both walk into Starbucks, Jade grinning happily. Today was going to be a really great day for her. 

Harry sat in Jade's seat and looked at me with his warm green eyes. 

"Hi." He muttered. 

"Hi." I replied, blushing. 

"So, you are?" He asked. 

"Melody." I replied, blushing. 

"That's a very pretty name." He complimented, causing me to blush more. 

"Thank you." I smiled. I sipped my hot chocolate. 

"So, wanna go on a date?" He asked. 

"Sure." I replied, blushing and smiling. 

Today has been the best Valentine's day ever.

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