Lockdown (Harry Styles Love Story)

Hey im Jojo…And this is my horor story…It all happened so fast..Just so fast…I was in the classroom in science…And i was bored and I wanted to go to the bathroom to get out of the class…I go to the bathroom and…Theres a lockdown…Great now im stuck in a smelly bathroom with a phyco pathic killer lurcking in the halls…As soon as i sit under the sink i hear a familliar voice “J-Jojo!”

This is my story off of a website called J-14 plzzzz chek out :) http://fanfic.j-14.com/stories/lockdown-harry-styles-love-story-5107057f154a617d6101a401


6. Wow…Thats My Childhood Friend!!

Harrys P.O.V I cant belive I kissed Jojo..My childhood friend.I pulled back and she was still there with her eyes closed..Smiling..She flutterd her eyes open and blushed.

"Wow" She blushed…

I was out of breath..WOW was right..

“Haha…Im sorry!” I chuckled.

She leaned up against me and said “Harry..Dont be..Cuz honestly-I kinda liked it”She winked.

She then grabbed my hand and held it to her chest where her heart was.

“Feel that?”She smiled.

Wow…Her heart was racing with exitment and fear.

“Y-yeah”I stutterd.

“Im scared yet….This is the best moment of my life..”Jojo mumbled.

I put my hand on her cheek and said"Me too…“and gave her a kiss again.

”Mhmmm" She moaned but it all stopped “BAM!!!”

We jumped away from eachothers lips.

“D-did you hear that???!!!” Jojo cried.

“Yes” i mumbled and grabbed her soft warm hand and held it tight.

It was quiet and a creepy quiet.We probaly could of heard a pin drop on the ground.All of the sudden I saw Jojo get dragged out of my grasp

“HARRY!”She shrieked

“JOJO!” I cried and darted out from under the stove.

I saw the man there and he had a knife holding Jojo upsidedown by her ankle.

“LEAVE HER ALONE!!” I screamed.

The guy paused looked at me through his hocky mask.His red eyes shaking and looking franticly around

“Why should I !?”He screamed.

Jojo was hanging there looking at me with her fingers intertwined with echother pleading to me to save her…I stood there as i thought of a plan…He had a tool box..And my love of my life.I knew he was some what stupid and stuff but…I had a great idea..I pretended somebody was there be hind him and i screamed.

“RUN!” Luckily this stupid idiot turned around to see nothing I lept infront and stole his knife and grabbed the tool box.

I stabbed the guy right in his stomach and leg and thew the knife in the tool box.Before he could drop Jojo i cought her and grabbed her hand.

“Run!!!”I screamed and ran back to our bace..

“WAIT!” She shrieked and she took some sandwitches,milk and what ever food was there and stuffed it in the wallmart bag

“Ready!”Jojo yelled and we ran out back to our base..

We got into the room and closed and locked the door “Turn out the lights”Jojo whisperd and i did..Luckily there was a lamp in there.We put away our food and set the tool box close to my ‘bed’.

“Why are the tools so close to your couch?”Jojo shaked.

I looked into her crystall blue eyes and said “Incase something happens…”I huskily said.

She smiled and said “Why did you kiss me?”..

Did she REEEEALY ask me that??? “…You looked sad?”I questioned myself and scratched my head.

“Oh okay”she blushed and cave oner to me and sat on my lap..

“Harry im scared” and Jojo gripped onto me..

“I am too…I am too…”And reasted my head on hers.

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