Lockdown (Harry Styles Love Story)

Hey im Jojo…And this is my horor story…It all happened so fast..Just so fast…I was in the classroom in science…And i was bored and I wanted to go to the bathroom to get out of the class…I go to the bathroom and…Theres a lockdown…Great now im stuck in a smelly bathroom with a phyco pathic killer lurcking in the halls…As soon as i sit under the sink i hear a familliar voice “J-Jojo!”

This is my story off of a website called J-14 plzzzz chek out :) http://fanfic.j-14.com/stories/lockdown-harry-styles-love-story-5107057f154a617d6101a401


2. Now Or Never

Harrys .P.O.V. I saw Jojo’s eyes watter..Just seeing her cry wanted me too..The bursted out crying and layed on my shoulder.

“Harry how do you know!”Jojo croaked.

I took a deep breath trying to hold back the tears.“He told us….”I felt her cold skin tremble on me and her warm tears drip on my pants..

We fell asleep for about an hour and I woke up.I saw Jojo was curled up on me..Her cute little dimples were coverd up by her hair..I carefully moved her black hair out of her faceand saw her dimples..I just wanted to pinch them but i couldnt..I was so close yet so far.I looked at the clock and saw it was 4:00..I sighed and lightly shook Jojo.

“Hey beautiful wake up”I forced to say cheerfully.She woke up with a smile and happiness in her eyes when she saw me.When she turned it was all fear..We sat there for a few minutes but then heard a huge noise..

"D-do you hear a..Chainsaw?" Jojo said crying in my shoulder again.I couldnt take this any more..

This bastard is killing people in my school…

“Jojo in here”I took her hand and we went in the bathroom stall.

“Jojo stay here ill find some emergancy things..Like food,blankets,ect.”Jojos eyes filled with fear.

“NO!” She protested and ran to me and started crying on my shoulder.

“Please Harry!You cant leave me…Your my only friend..You cant go..”…

“SLAM” We then jummped up and we heard the killer kick down a door..There were screams and other horable things..Jojo started crying on my shoulder and I rushed us into the stall..

Jojo poked my shoulder and said “Harry do you have a phone!?”She whispered/Yelled..

I looked at her and I did..“Jojo your a genius”I said and gave her a big hug.

I took out my phone and dialed 9-1-1.Some one picked up but i didnt even wait for her to finish.

“HELLO THIS IS HARRY EDWARD STYLES AND JOJO ANN SMITH AND THERE IS A KILLER OUT HERE IN SCHOOL! WE NEED YOU!” I was about to say what school where we were at but my phone died.“DAMMIT!” I whisperd/yelled Jojo frowend..

“Hey shhhh….”Jojo whisperd.we stayed quiet for a second

“Wh-wheres the guy…I dont hear the chainsaw..Or gun”Jojo said concerned.

She was right.It was dead quiet.It was a scary quiet.I wanted to go and get things from the nurse.It has so many usfull things for us to survive..“REV REV REV!” we heard the chainsaaw up satirs..Now was my chance..

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