Lockdown (Harry Styles Love Story)

Hey im Jojo…And this is my horor story…It all happened so fast..Just so fast…I was in the classroom in science…And i was bored and I wanted to go to the bathroom to get out of the class…I go to the bathroom and…Theres a lockdown…Great now im stuck in a smelly bathroom with a phyco pathic killer lurcking in the halls…As soon as i sit under the sink i hear a familliar voice “J-Jojo!”

This is my story off of a website called J-14 plzzzz chek out :) http://fanfic.j-14.com/stories/lockdown-harry-styles-love-story-5107057f154a617d6101a401


4. Mission Imposible

Harrys P.O.V As i pulled back from Jojo she looked at me about to cry..

“Are we goona die”She choked.

I took her hand and said"No..As long as im here"And we ran to a new place too hide.

We ran to the down stairs of the school and there were 5 open rooms there.We took the first one we saw and ran in.I shut the door and locked it..

“Okay….Lets get our new place ready..”I said forcing my self to be cheerful.

I saw Jojo sitting on the floor curled up in a ball.I ran over to her..

“Jojo..Everything is going to be okay!”I protested..

She sat up and Cried “No!”i looked at her and gave her a hug.

“Please..Trust me..”I pleaded.

She looked up and smiled weakly"Okay"She said grogy we started setting up our base.

There were 2 couches there and Jojo scooted hers all the way to the other side of the room to mine.We put on our blankes and pillows then startted setting up the food and stuff.We found a mini fridge and it had food in it..It had some beef jercky,Sandwiches,mnt dews lots of things..Jojo was about to eat a sanwich untill i slapped it out of her hand.It flew across the room and hit the bottom of the wall..

She looked at me and said"What was that for!?I was going to eat that!“I laughed,grabbed the sanwich and rewrapped it in its plastic wrap.

”We need to save our foor..We atleast have to eat two times a day.."I said sadly.

Jojo looked at me and said “Okay..When do we eat?”She was right..When do we eat??

“Uhh…I guess now…Its 9:00PM soo.. Yeah” We had our sandwiches.She held my had as we walked to the couches..

“Harry im scared”She said frightend.

I kissed her cheek and said"Me to honestly but…The best we can do is Sleep and plan tomorrow"I yawned.

I tucked her in her covers and kissed her forehead,“Good night angel”I said she smiled weakly and said “Good night bright eyes” and i went to my bed and fell asleep.

I woke up way before Jojo and saw that i had to plan..I heard that guys chainsaw faintly..He was so far..Yet to close..I yanned and made a plan the go to the lunch room and get food.There is LOTS of food there..

“Harry…Ughhhhh”Jojo mumbled in her pillow.I silently laughed and went back to planing.It was 7:00 when i woke up..It was 9:00 when finally Jojo woke up.I looked around the room and saw they had a coffie maker,Microwave,lots of tea bags…Atleast 10-15 boxes of 100 pack tea bags.I made us tea and sat at the table waiting for Jojo to get her lazy bum over here.

“Haylo!”I said cheerfully.


I smiled and showed her my plan for getting food.We got all of our emergency stuff and got ready for our plan..Mission Imposible.

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