Lockdown (Harry Styles Love Story)

Hey im Jojo…And this is my horor story…It all happened so fast..Just so fast…I was in the classroom in science…And i was bored and I wanted to go to the bathroom to get out of the class…I go to the bathroom and…Theres a lockdown…Great now im stuck in a smelly bathroom with a phyco pathic killer lurcking in the halls…As soon as i sit under the sink i hear a familliar voice “J-Jojo!”

This is my story off of a website called J-14 plzzzz chek out :) http://fanfic.j-14.com/stories/lockdown-harry-styles-love-story-5107057f154a617d6101a401


1. I Beg Of You!

Jojo’s .P.O.V. I heard my teacher rambleing along about atoms and scienceie things…I was bored out of my mind…

“Now go to work!”He finally shouted..

I dodeged to my friends Melanie and Angel.

“Hey..Go get the papers ill be right back”I said and darted to my teacher.

" Mr.Lidnesy can I go to the bathroom"I questioned.

.He turned to me and looked me in my eyes.“Go ahead..Dont be too long”He demaned and I ran out.

I slammed open the bathroom door and walked over to the mirior.I started playing with my hair forr about two min andwalked out.I noticed that all the hallway lights were off.I walked back to my classroom and the door was locked..I felt a cold chill amoungst myself…Thoughts of a lockdown poured through my mind.

…I turened and ran back to the bathroom.I slammed the door behind me and i remember what my teacher said..He said something about if you put your shoue against the door and the floor the door will get stuck and nobody would come in..So i did exactly that.

….I stayed there in fear and warm tears silently pouring down my face with my black hair covering my eyes..“BAM” I jumped up and heard screams and people saying “CALL 9-1-1 NOW!!!”And i heard running foot steps twords my bathroom door.The person tried opening the door but it wouldent budge…I wouldnt let it budge.

…With fear andrange in my eyes and voice I dared to shout"WHO IS IT!?".

.Then i heard a Scared and familiar voice i heard “ITS HARRY!PLEASE OH GOD PLEASE LET ME IN I BEG YOU!”

..I knew him..He was one of my best guy friends.I immidatlylet my foot of the door and he fell in.

.“Sorry” I whisperd.

.He immidiatly started blocking the door…I saw blood on his shoues and pants and still screaming out there..I saw while he was pileing things up to the door his eyes were glassy…He was in shock too.Like i was.

"Harry!What happened?“I said fearfully and chocked up.

."A guy"He starrted to say"He came in and got in one of the class rooms..It was mine and started shooting and killing people and witha gun and-" Before he could even finish he broke down in tears.

.He fell to knees and burried his face into his legs..I scooted quietly to him and whisperd “What did he have?”

.He unberried his face and said “….A knife…He has more tools in his truck..”He sniffled..

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