Lockdown (Harry Styles Love Story)

Hey im Jojo…And this is my horor story…It all happened so fast..Just so fast…I was in the classroom in science…And i was bored and I wanted to go to the bathroom to get out of the class…I go to the bathroom and…Theres a lockdown…Great now im stuck in a smelly bathroom with a phyco pathic killer lurcking in the halls…As soon as i sit under the sink i hear a familliar voice “J-Jojo!”

This is my story off of a website called J-14 plzzzz chek out :) http://fanfic.j-14.com/stories/lockdown-harry-styles-love-story-5107057f154a617d6101a401


5. Dont Tell Me A Lie

Jojos P.O.V. I slipped on my boots and we were ready for our mission..I cant belive Harry…WHY CANT WE EAT WHAT WE GOT!!!I swear sometimes I think there is something wrong with Harry.

“You ready?”He whisperd.

“I g-guess…”I sighed.

We walked out of the door and we heard the guys foot steps above us.

“Haaarryyy!Im sareddddddd”I moaned.

“Shut it”He said..

Wow..I looked at him and stuck my tounge at him

“B&%ch”He laughed and we made our way up the stairs.

We walked up and we were walking through the 8th grade hallways.I looked around and just noticed we passed the Lunch Room.

“Harry we just-”

“Shhhh I know”He whisperd and grabbed my hand.“Jojo i know that we did..Were goona have to find a differaunt way..Hes in the 7th grade hallways”He choked.

“Oh so..Wait!Were above him…We gotta hurry!”I whisperd and we silently darted through the end of the 8th grade hallway.

We heard the guy coming up from the other side so we ran down the stairs (All most slaming my face in the wall XD) and here we were…7th grade hallway..We saw the lunchroom and we ran in as fast as we could.We silently shut the huge mettle doors behind us..

“Finally!”Harry shouted.I allmost pumbled Harry to the ground for shouting.

“HARRY ARE YOU CRAZY!?”I whisperd/yelled.

“Dude..The doors are sound proof”

I looked over and..Suprisingly it was….

“Fine fine fine let go get the-”I was shocked..I saw there was a door..

Leading us outside..Harry saw to.We ran over there laughing and exited untill we grabbed the doorknob.

“It wont budge”…We all stood there for about a minute untill

“BAM” we heard a gunshot but…

It came right through the metal doors..I thought we were dead.Dead and gone.

“Harry…Are we goona die!?”I yelled with tears pouring down my face.

Harry pulled me into a hug and said"No…Im not going to let it end this easy"…

and we ran into were all the food was and hid in there under the stove…

“Harry dont tell me a lie if we are goona die!”I yelled .

He took my hand and said “We are not…I know that for a fact” And then he kissed me….
A/N Hey should I keep on making this series..I know lots of people like it but…Just should I continue?

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