I'm waiting

I'm waiting. I have waited for so long. I will keep waiting, until the end of time.. Until you return to me...

(I do not want to say what this short story is about. What you interperate from this story, and what you believe it is about, is true. Read between the lines, and make up your own ending, or ask someone else... It is up to you)


2. I'm waiting


I’m waiting for you. I know I shouldn’t, but I still do. I’m standing here on my own, with nothing else to do, but wait for you. No one else to talk to but you. Maybe I should just leave. But there is something in my heart that says I have to keep waiting.
As long as you’re gone, I’ll stay. Right on this spot, where you left me. I don’t know how many sunsets I have seen. Probably too many. I don’t need food. I don’t need water. I live on the hope, that you one day will return to me.
You promised me. And I will keep you to that promise.
This is my path. I can’t forget you. Not even the cold rain, or the strong wind against my back, can tear me away from this place.
Sometimes I wonder if I have been glued to the ground. Because I can’t move. And I don’t want to.
But there was a time when I wanted to leave. I’m so sorry. I should never have doubted you. I had a weak moment, and it will not happen again.
I know the people who walks by every day. They must think that I am crazy. Standing at the end of the pier, just looking out into the horizon. But I don’t care what they think. The only thing on my mind is you.  
You promised that you wouldn’t leave me. But you broke that promise.
Then you promised me that you would return to me. Will you break that promise too?
I believe and have faith in you. I keep believing that you will come back.
That I will see your beautiful face come towards me. Our lips will meet, and I will melt into your arms. I keep believing that.
I will not let anyone change my mind.
But. Do you know where to find me? Don’t you know where I will be? This was the place where we first met. Where we fell in love with each other. Where we shared our first kiss. It was in the rain, but we weren’t cold. No, not at all. Because we kept each other warm.
You looked so breathtaking.
I don’t know how you look now. Will you still look like you? Or have you changed? It has been so long.
I can feel the tears streaming down my cheeks. I can taste them on my lips.
Why? I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry. But see me now. I broke that promise. Maybe my beloved will never return to me. Never greet me with open arms and a sweet kiss on the lips. What If he is gone?

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