Degrassi~Who Do You Think You Are?

Its about a girl, Eli French
And she does a audition for Degrassi season 13.
And what happens next that you just need to reed.


1. Degrassi • Audition

Eli is auditing for the role of Hanna.

She is verry nervous its her first time to do a audition.

Her hart is beating and she cant breathe.

'Next! Eli French',



I know its now or never so i just came in there and said my lines.

'Oke, we will call you back if you have the part.',

I went to my twin brother and just picked his cap from his head and started to hugg him.

'So sis? did you got the part?',

'I dont know... but he is gonna call me if i GET the part for Hanna!', i jump a view more times and then we went to the Mc.

A dude named Lauwrens came by the drive in and he is kind of cute...

I winked at him and he did back.


'Uhm Eli?', said my mom

'Yes uhm Big Mac yes what?',

'Well why are you not paying attention?',

'I am but you see that guy?', i pointed at Lauwrens.

'Yes, whats whit him? is he a murder?',

'NO! NO! Absolutely NOT! But i think he has a crush on me...',

'Honey, thats oke, but lets just go home and eat.',

'Why not stay in de Mac?',

'Because it's dirty here',

'No its not!',

'Yes it is and i wanna see my husband.',

Finally home i grab my computer to see my BMI.

Lets see.

Im 15 years old.

Im 6'3"

Uhmm 70 kilo.

A BMI from 18,8

Thats oke, i tought i was to big... Like a Big Mac Well seems like im not.

'Eli! come on come play football whit us!', said Justin (My Twin)


2 Minutes later im in my football outfit and im ready!


After the football i need to do homework...

I bite on the gum of my pencil.

'Whats if 20 is c and the answer is 44 than A is 11? and B is 13?, What the Heck i dont undertsand! Help mom!', No answer

'Mom?', again no answer.

And when i whas outside mom was kissing another man!!!

I looked 2 minutes, and then i ran to mom and she said:

'Hey Honey, this is Mark', verry Calm

'Uhm why are you kissing him?',

'Never mind, bye Mark', and she kissed him.



'Why did you kiss him?',

'Its a guy from work, so i just wanted to do the project of well love... with him.',

'Oke, its alright mom sorry.', And i walked away.


The phone was ringing and i now that i need to pick up.

So thats what i do.

Slowly i say:


'Yes hello Eli right?',


'I gotta tell you something.'

My hands were shaking

'Im Lauwrens, and i think that we sould go on a date?',


'Tonight, 11 hours, and at The Dot',

'I'll be there.',


Again the phone was ringing.

I picked up.

'Whit me the director of degrassi.',

It was quit for a while.

'Helluhhh...', i said



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