Sudden turn of situations

Tracy Sanders is a 17 years girl who lives with her uncle since her parents died in a terrible plane crash when she was only four, her uncle Allen is a drunkard who likes to spend all his money at a casino, her uncle being the type who would do anythng for money, one day she is kidnapped and been told that her uncle sold her..What is Tracy going to do now?


1. Impossible...


 Hello there, my name is Elizabeth but you can call me Lizzy, and this is my story (I published it on fictionpress too and thought that maybe you will enjoy it too) So please read and Review ♥


I was finally going home, school is like hell for me, I always have to tolerate jerks who doesn't have anything else to do but to play with me. They know I won't say anything because I'm too afraid and that there is no one who would stand up for me cause I don't have any friends nor my classmates who would help me. Everyday I'm living a hell but it's okay I have only one year and I'll graduate then everything will be okay. I have brown long hair, not very tall, with brown eyes and tan skin, very normal, very ordinary ...maybe it's my looks that make people think of me as a boring person but it's not that I don't know how to talk or that I am shy ...people like making up roumous, some are easily forgeted but in my case they will always know me as girl who betrayed her best friend and stole her boyfriend. I didn't do any of these but even if I tried to explain everybody believed Alicia, and I still don't know why she did that. I saw how people turned their back at me, the people I though they were my friends, how I become the trash, the one that is always written as the slutty bitch in the bathroom that Alicia wrote, believe me the first month was horrible but I got used to it untill now.

I sighted remembering all those memories,I shook my head and continued my road.

When I reached home in front of the house there were 2 black cars, at first I thought it's uncle but it was only 2 pm, to early for him to be home, then I saw a man standing in front of the door, he wore a black suit with black glasses he had blonde hair and tan skin. I got closer till the man saw me walking towards him, he just opened the door and let me enter the house..That was weird..I just got in thinking that maybe it's a prank or something like that.

When I entered the house I saw a man siting on the couch, as I got closer I could see him .. had hair black, very black, short cut looked almost perfect. He wore a white shirt with blue perfect eyes. How did he get in the house? And who is he? After realizing that I'm staring I nodded and standed in front of him.

As I got his attention I said :"Uhm..Hello" I said more like whispering, I am not very good while meeting new people. He looked at me then he checked me from toe to head.

"Hello" he had such a beautiful voice that made me melt but that's all he said then he just stared at me.

" Are you a friend of my uncle?" I said after a moment of waiting for him to say something. This is really awkward.

I couldn't help not to look into his eyes, they were so beautiful and it looked at me as if he could see right through me.

"You could say that" he just kept staring at me and I tried not to blush.

"I'm sorry my uncle is not here, usually he would come late at night" I said trying to smile.

Uncle always stays until late drinking and losing all his money on a casino..he always loses all his money but he always goes there again and again, I tried once to talk to him about this and he just got angry and said that a stupid girl like me shouldn't talk about something she doesn't know, since then I avoided this matter.. And I really don't know how uncle manages to lose all his money at the casino and still can manage all the bills for this house that is not really small.

"I didn't come for him" he said getting up from the couch. He came closer to me, the bag that I had wriped around my shoulder fell down when his arms slid around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

W-what?" I looked into his eyes and tried to push him but he held me really tight, then suddenly I could feel his lips on mine, shocked I tried to push him away but it was useless, he was holding me to tight and I couldn't push him.

When he broke the kiss I felt anger and wanted to slap him ..I raised my hand ready to slap him but he took my hand anticipating my gesture.

"What was that? are you out of your mind?" That was my first kiss, he stole my first kiss . What is wrong with this guys? He chuckled . Why is he laughing? Then I saw him how he licked his lips. "Delicius." he said while grining at me.

I blushed . Why am I blushing? He let go of my hand and looked at the door .

"Come here Henry" he yelled and I just looked at him really curious what is happening. The man that was at the door entered and now was standing in front of me. "Yes sir." he said looking at the crazy guy.

"Take her" the crazy guy said and then that man came closer to me and before I realised he lifted me up.

"Hey what the.." I started hiting his back "Put me down" I yelled again and again but he got me to the black car and put me into it, then he locked the door.

I hit the door many times yelling at him to get me out but he did he came out of the house grining, he got into the other car and then Henry get in the car and started driving. I screamed till my thoat started hurting and gave up ..just staring at the car's window trying to figure out where is these crazy guys taking me.


After what seemed like years the car finally stoped and I was shocked to see though the window a huge house, more like a castle. Henry got out and opened the door, finally, I got out and looked at my surroundings...I only saw trees. Great I'm in the middle of nowhere.

When I heard a voice behind me I jumped. I looked back to see that evil, the one who kidnapped me. "Can someone explain to me what is happening?" from my face I bet you could see fear and my hands were shaking too, I just hid my hand at my back not wanting to make him see it.

"Sure." he said with a smile on his face "From today on you're mine to do what I please" I just started laughing

"What ? are you kidding me? Is this some kind of joke? Tell me who hired you, was it Alicia? If that's it then please tell her that I dont care what she does, I am not afraid of her and never will be, so she better give up on that bitchy attitude"

I continued to laugh until he started laughing too and stopped '' I don't know who's Alicia, and I can assure you this is for sure not a joke, your so called uncle being in deep debts decided to sell you to my dad. Of course we're not that kind of people to accept this kind of deal but your uncle made a pretty good offert to my dad " staring into my eyes he said that. "No it can't be, my uncle would nev.." I stopped when I realizing that uncle would really do that, he would do anything for money, and maybe he would even sell me, her own niece.

"Now that we're not laughing anymore" he glared at Henry and he grabbed my arms and headed me to the house..

The interior of the house was even more beautiful that the exterior, like a real castle. "Take her to her room for now" He said and the man followed his orders...

On my way there I couldn't help but think how could my uncle do this, I can't really think how could a person do this? I gotta talk with him somehow, I need to , maybe it's a joke, maybe upstairs my uncle is waiting for me giving me a surprise, this must be a prank.

When we got upstairs Henry stopped at a door, I looked around me and saw four other rooms that were lined up in the corridor. This house is really too big. I closed my eyes when Henry opened the door ...after I heard the door opening completely I opened them to empty room, everything was blue and was a huge bed, a big open balcony in the corner, a small table with two chairs was in the balcony and the wind was blowing the curtains in and out and a door that was probably the bathroom, but my uncle was nowhere to find...

The man that took me here Henry, I think that was his name, headed out of the room and left me alone. I moved to the bed and just sat down...I could feel my whole body shaking...My uncle uncle really did this? I shook my head. No ..I need to calm down...this isn't true, even though my uncle would do anything for money, he can't possibly sell me ...He can't...

When I heard the door opening I turned my eyes at the door, kinda hoping to see my uncle, but no, it was that weird but handsome guy who kissed me .. ..Fear came inside me as he closed the door and moved towards me. "W..who are you." I asked shaking but not taking my eyes off the guy.

"My name is Samuel Monray my dear Tracy" he said as he sat beside me.."Your master from now on "

"And I'm yours you said ha? I said in a slightly annoyed and sarcastic voice trying really hard to cover my shaking voice " Not funny ... I know this is a prank, so please drop the act and let me go home please..I know Alicia made you do this..or hired you..please I will pay you more than she did but please stop this and let me go home" I said calming down a little.

After a moment he said : "Like I said, I don't know who is Alicia and this is not a joke my dear Tracy." he raised his hand and touched my lips, I completely froze and looked at him, how he watched my mouth while giving it a gentle touch " You are mine from now on."

A hot rage flew though my body and I instantly slaped his hand " You can't just buy a person like it's some object!" I yelled standing up in front of him.

One second I was standing the next I was pinned on the bed, with Samuel on top of me .He growled "First of all you don't yell at me, second your uncle sold you to my father and third , you like it or not from now on you'll have to obey me." he screamed looking at me in the eyes.

My heart started beating like hell "Get off me!" I said as I tried to hide my face but he took my hands and placed them above my head. He ignored me and inhaled my scent "You smell so nice" he said as was placing small kisses on my neck.

My face was bright heart was beating like it was ready to explode "G..get off me" I said blushing but struggling to get him off me..completely useless, he is too strong.

"Are you sure?" he said looking at me still holding onto my hands "You kinda enjoy this" he said giving me a evil grin.

"What is wrong with you? Get off me please! " He took of his shirt with only one hand, the other was holding my hands really tight. I could see his biceps, his abs and six packs.

As he leaned down to kiss me again I could feel myself shaking. As he kissed me again I could feel tears running on my cheeks... "Please...don't" I started crying, feeling as my whole body is trembling. I saw him looking at me and finally letting me go, I backed till I reached the wall taking a pillow and hugging it while still crying. I stayed there crying into the pillow afraid to move. As I felt a hand on me I exploded into tears and throwing he pillow into the space..

I didnt want to see anything ..I had my eyes full of tears, crying so much that I couldn't see anything " Nooo..please don't .. '' as I waited, I heard nothing. I wiped the tears away from my eyes and saw him at the end of the bed looking at me, as he saw me looking at him he stand up and put his shirt back on, he walked to the door and as he opened the door I heard..

" I'm sorry'' like a whisper that I barely heard it.

Then he left. After he left my tears started to fall again.. I stood there crying and thinking that no matter what I need to find uncle. I though and though more than two hours and then I fell asleep..


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