1D Imagines/ One Shots

Just a collection of random imagines/ one shots I write when I'm bored ;D


1. Niall Imagine for Allison


You've just gotten home from a long day of classes at the University. You pull open the door to your apartment and a small folded piece of paper falls out of the creaky hinges. It says "Be ready at 7, dress warm ♥ xoxo, Niall." You two have been dating for about 2 months already and he should know by now that you hate surprises. Well, its already 6 so you decide to start getting ready. You take a quick shower and put on a black, short sleeve turtleneck and a nice pair of dark skinny jeans. Then the doorbell rings, "I'm coming!" you shout from your bedroom. You open the door and Niall is standing there holding a single red rose for you. "You look beautiful, " he tells you. He grabs your coat for you and you lock the door behind you. He starts walking down the sidewalk so you assume you must be going somewhere close by. He gently reaches out for your hand and you can feel his, large and warm on yours. He leads you to a fancy Italian restaurant and gets a table for two. You guys eat and talk and you can't take your eyes off of Niall, he's just so amazing. This was definitely the best surprise you have ever gotten. He leans over the reaches over the table and grabs your hands. He says, "Allison, you are my world. I love you more than anything and I would never in a million years let anything happen to you." He leans over and romantically kiss you on the lips

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