Alllways, Forever

hailey's life was perfect when she was younger. She had the best of freinds and no cares in the world, but as time comes people lose contact and new people are found. New people like Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. And of course there freinds and girl freinds.
But she also discovers theese new "freinds" of hers become to much to handle and some one may get lost for forever.
A tale full of drama, laughter, tears, good times and badshould have you on the edge of your seat the wholetime.


4. No words, just sad faces


I wake just a little bit earlier that morning so I had time to get ready. the coffe house was just down the street but I wanted to make sure there was enough time for me to get ready.

After a little bit I get a text from Tom.

"Hey, I am here :)"

I answer back quickly

"k, be there in one second"

By then I was allready out the door and outside. I swiftly walked down the sidewalk not wanting to keep him waiting long and I eventually made it to the house. I stand there infront of the door for a second, questioning going in or not. Finally I force my hand towards the handle and the bell on the door rings as I step inside.

I see the back of his head and once again I start having second thoughts. What if he doesnt actally care about me? what if its a trick? But my thoughts are interrupted when his stand up and sees me.

"Hey" he calls from across the room.

I started walking toward him and I was about to say something but before I could he just grabbed me and hugged me. He held me tight like he used too and i could feel the warmth off his body.

"I cant belive its you" I say to him.

"yeah I know, you look great"


We sat down and just started to talk, he told me about how he is a blackbelt now and that things have been different since you left and that he really missed me. He was allways such a flirt.

Well I started telling him about what I have been doing with basketball, and softball, and singing and so much more. But I left out the whole Zayn and Harry part. Eventually I got to the reason why I came hear, not only to see him but to ask about patrick.

"So you said something about Patrick on the phone?" I asked trying to not sound so awkard.

His face turned extremely serious and he almost couldnt speak.

"Well he found the other night not breathing and deprived of oxygen for to long he had to be rushed to the hospital and he is on life support now."

No, that didnt just happen. That cant happen, you know what I bet he is fine. Patrick is tough I know he will be ok. But I still have a sickining feeling in my stomach. The kind that just makes you want to role over and curl up in a ball and die. I think Tom sees my face and desides to say something.

"hey, it will be ok. You know just as well as I do that he is strong kid."

All I do is nod and thenmy phone buzzes, Its harry texting me.

Hey do you want to go iceskating tonight :)

I cant belive he actally still wants to go somewhere,I mean we left him the other night. None of the guys even know about Thomas or even Patrick, they dont even know that I am here. But I quickly text him back.

Yeah, sure BTW can I bring a friend?

Which was followed by a yeah sure.

I looked back up at Tom and started to speak.

"Do you want to go iceskating tonight with my friends and me. My friend Harry said you could come if you wanted to."

He had a familiar look on his face, when he was thinking he eyes squint a little and he gets an extremely cute half smile. "Um, I think I will pass I should stay with my parents for a while. You understand right?

"Of course, Sorry that I asked. I completely get it." I going to ask if I could go with him but I figured he would want to be with his family.

"anyways" he says "I should go"

"Are you sure you cant stay just a little longer it feels like I havent seen you in forever and I dont want this moment to endas fast as it begun."

"You have allways had a way with words, my dear friend" He says

I blush, cause I never mean to talk like that but sometimes it just comes out.

He starts to talk again.

"As much as I would love to stay I really cant but I would love to take you up on that ice skating offer another time."

I pull a sad face, but I know he has to go. He actally gave me a peck on the chek before he left.It wasnt anything to cheeky, just normal Thomas.

I watch him walk away hoping the next time I see him is'nt at a funeral.

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