Alllways, Forever

hailey's life was perfect when she was younger. She had the best of freinds and no cares in the world, but as time comes people lose contact and new people are found. New people like Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. And of course there freinds and girl freinds.
But she also discovers theese new "freinds" of hers become to much to handle and some one may get lost for forever.
A tale full of drama, laughter, tears, good times and badshould have you on the edge of your seat the wholetime.


3. I feeling I cant explain

"Hello?" I say stamering but their was an instant reply.

"Hailey, is that you? its been so long, just hearing your voice makes me smile"

As usally Thomas was being his flirty self but neither of us made anything of it cause we have been friends for so long.

"Thomas, I cant belive its you we have so much to talk about but why are you calling.?"

he understands what I mean, he knows I am happy to hear him but he also knows tha we havent talked in a while. finally he answers after a short pause and an awkward sigh.

"It's Patrick, and we have to talk it wouldnt be right over the phone." He says this in a tone that makes me scared. Patrick is tough, tougher than anyone thinks. What is wrong?

"sure" I say trying to sound positive but I can feel pain on the inside. the kind of pain that makes the red sweal to your cheeks, and makes your gut twist. But I try to continue.

"Well we can meet up at the coffee house down the street from my place" I say a little to peppy.

"Oh, you have your own place and I think I know just the coffee place your talking about."He says almost as peppy as me.

We exchange a good time and goodbyes which is follwoed by him saying very dramaticly "Oh, but I cant say goodbye I would miss you so." But eventually he hangs up.

A slight smile appears across my face but is followed by reacuring words in my head. "Its Patrick we have to talk it wouldnt be right over the phone" The feeling come back but less pain, and more worry. Worry like your little brother is lost.

I slide my back down on the wall ( and yes, I am still in the bathroom). I feel half dead, like everything inside me has just died but then their is one part of me that wants to see his smile, wants to hear his voice. So my body holds on, even though it feels like letting go.

I gasp a little as the door burst open and cold air hits my face. I see all my friends rush in and sit around me. Thar all start hitting me with questions and I dont know what to say to any of them,

"Are you ok?" "Whats wrong?" "You look sad." "Dont worry you can tell us."

I cant even answer them all I can say is, "umm, I...I...I jjjust got a phphone call fffrom Ttthomas." my voice keeps on stammering as if I was left in a freezer. More questions are asked, and more stammery answers are given but finally I say one thing right.

"Guys can one of you drive me back home, i'm not feeling to good." They all offer even though some of them cant drive but we end up all going since they all felt bad if one stayed. So we basically just left the guys, with no car, no date, no nothing, just stranded and no of us could care cause of me. sometimes I just cant stand myself.

(hey its me, sorry that its shortand that I havent updated but I have been busy and I promise i will get you the next chapter faster. It gets better trust me. bye <3)

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