Alllways, Forever

hailey's life was perfect when she was younger. She had the best of freinds and no cares in the world, but as time comes people lose contact and new people are found. New people like Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. And of course there freinds and girl freinds.
But she also discovers theese new "freinds" of hers become to much to handle and some one may get lost for forever.
A tale full of drama, laughter, tears, good times and badshould have you on the edge of your seat the wholetime.


5. I am just Done, with everything

I go home after still feelinga little un easy about what just happened, but I suck it up and try to focus on tonight. I really do try but it gets to difficult, maybe I shouldnt go? I was debating it when Sam barged in.

"Hey you coming?" She asked as she looked around nervously.

"Yeah whats wrong?" I asked her back

"Its just, Jenna and Lyndsey are not coming."

I was just shoked by this,we do everything together. They were my room mates to, how does she expect this to work? I didnt answer her and she just asked me again, while walking out the door.

"Are you coming?"

I just walked out of the room my mind racing but maybe a little skating will take my mind off of all that. We met the guys by the car, but it wasnt all of them. Itwas only Liam, Louis, and Harry. I just dont care anymore, I bet Sam did this. She is allways trying to find ways to shut out everyone else.

I know I dont look to good, and I am pretty sure Harry can notice but I am to tired of everything to care. The car ride was just boring, and all I did was stare out the window all moody like. At least we got their quick.

It was really cold in the rink so we got our skates fast and got on the ice as quick as possible. Louis and Santinosat out for a little while Brdget, Sam, Harry and I went out.

Harry actally wasnt that bad but bridget and Sam were having a little trouble. By a little I mean, they just couldnt stand. Well anyways Harry and I decided to go off on our own, and he asked for some tips on how to skate better. It was too cute, I just couldnt resist liking him. I mean who could?

He asked how do I stop so I came up behind him and and grabbed his shoulders. I slowed him down and looked over his shoulder to see the side of his face smiling cheekily. I let go of him when bridget pulled me away.

"You two look like boyfriend and girlfriend, you have to stop." she said all worried

"Whats the big deal, were not and we are just friends." I protested back.

"You have a boyfriend"

"Who doesnt even care to talk to me. I am done, ok? i was just told something I didnt want to hear in a million years and right now He is making me happy. I am sorry but I am just done." I cut her off from her sentence with my rant and I just ran out off of the ice.

I ran to the lockers were we put our stuff and hid in the corner. I dont like making scenes but i just cant take it anymore, I had to let it out. It started to rain out, of course it had to. Either way I started walking outside. Rain covering me making me even more cold than I was.

I kept on walking untill I heard the slosh of footsteps behind me. I slowly around and couldnt belive what I saw.

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