Alllways, Forever

hailey's life was perfect when she was younger. She had the best of freinds and no cares in the world, but as time comes people lose contact and new people are found. New people like Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson. And of course there freinds and girl freinds.
But she also discovers theese new "freinds" of hers become to much to handle and some one may get lost for forever.
A tale full of drama, laughter, tears, good times and badshould have you on the edge of your seat the wholetime.


1. Those old freinds

"Thomas! Patrick!" I scream as I run down the few steps in front of me. We all clash into eachother with a big hug, Thomas holding on to me tightly.

" I havent seenyou in so long, I missed you so much" Thomas said to me with a big smile. "But I was here just a day ago?"

"I know but your my best freind and we usally do everything together." He was right though and I did miss him too. Patrick and Thomas were my best freinds. We allways had each others backs and we allways got along. Well Thomas and Partick didnt sometimes, but thats only becuse they were brothers.

We all ran into the back and they helped me put away my stuff. and take out the things I really needed, like my belt and Gi. We all did karate so we got to see eachother all the time.

Thomas and I were the same color belt but Patrick was only starting out cause he was a year younger than me. Thomas was actally a year older than me. Even though we had different ages, it didnt really matter to us. To be honest we didnt really notice.

We had some time to kill before class started so we went outside. "Tag, your it" patrick says almost knocking me over. "Oh really" I snap back getting him before he ran away. This game went on forever cause me and Thomas would just hide and run to fast for him to catch us.

"Allright, I give up." Patrick says laying himself on the ground. I lay next to him and Thomas lays on the other side of me. We all just look up at the sky still laughing.

Suddenly Patrick's face gets serious. "Hailey?"

"Yes, Pat"

"Do you think we will ne freinds for forever?"

"Of course I do, Pat. For Forever." I take his hand and Thomas takes mine and we just stay there, never letting that moment slip away.

That moment was perfect, I relive that moment everyday. Only 12 years old and oh, how perfect my life was. But that all changed as time got the better of us.

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