Short Stories :)

Here are the short stories I wrote! I decided to put them all in one Movella because they take too much space in my movellas library. Most of them are One Direction One Shots, but there might also be other short stories :)


2. Katniss in Wonderland (it was in the CrossOver story comp.)

My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am seventeen years old. My home is District 12. I was in The Hunger Games. I escaped.




I wake up to the sound of the wind, in the soft, green grass. I carefully open my eyes, trying to not let the sun burn them. Am I in the arena again? I get up, looking around desperately for any kind of cover. If I really am in the Arena, I am in plain sight and inviting the other Tributes to kill me.


My eyes stop on the Cornucopia, and I feel the flush of the adrenaline through my veins. Then something moves in the forest. Next thing I know I start to run. And run, and run, and I don’t stop until a girl’s voice turns me around. One look, I say to myself. “Hey!’ the voice cries, ‘Wait! Why are you running away?’.


A girl looks at me, her blue eyes full of fear and confuse. She pants, maybe she ran after me. She isn’t armed, doesn’t seem harmful of any sort, but in the Arena you can never know who is the enemy. She fixes the black headband on her thick blonde hair and starts to walk towards me.


‘Stop right there!’ I yell as loud as I there. She stops, turning her gaze towards where the Cornucopia is. Was. It isn’t there anymore, and I close my eyes, begging myself to come back to my senses. I open them again, and the girl is still there, but the Cornucopia isn’t, much less the forest that was supposed to be around the meadow.


I blink twice to make sure once more what I see is right. In the distance, on my right, a majestic red and black palace stands, its tower over the clouds heavy with rain. Behind the girl, some flowers stare at me with wide eyes. On my left, a grand white marble palace stands, shining in the rays of sun, unlike the red and black palace, standing in the dark. I turn around, scared of what I might see. I look at a long dining table, occupied by tea dishes, some of which are broken, dirty or just piled.


I notice three figures, but I turn around quickly, as the girl with blonde hair starts speaking. ‘I’m Alice.’ she says, starting to walk towards me again, but I let her. ‘Where am I?’ I ask, my voice trembling. I shudder as a hand touches my shoulder behind me and I turn around, preparing to step backwards.


‘You’re in Wonderland!’ a tall man replies. He wears colorful clothes, he’s got red hair cut into a strange form, a large hat covered in sewing supplies and surrounded by a pink silk scarf and a big bowtie at his neck. ‘A man from the Capitol’ I suspect silently. His face is covered in a white powder, his lips a bright pink like his cheeks. He’s got bright green eyes, white eyelashes and an extravagant make-up. He was smiling wide, revealing a teeth gap. ‘I’m the Hatter’ he said taking his hand off of my shoulder. I noticed that in his other hand he was holding a white rabbit dressed in a royal blue blouse. The Hatter pointed at the rabbit and said ‘And this is sir Nivens McTwisp.’ I nodded mesmerized by the oddness of Wonderland.



I open my eyes gasping for air. I realize my arms are around my daughter, who is smiling in her peaceful sleep.. It is the first time in ages I haven't dreamt about the Hunger Games or anything related to it. It was a strange dream however.

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