Short Stories :)

Here are the short stories I wrote! I decided to put them all in one Movella because they take too much space in my movellas library. Most of them are One Direction One Shots, but there might also be other short stories :)


1. Autumn Sunrise

We were sitting on the wet grass, in the chilly autumn air, waiting for the sun to peak over the horizon. A breeze made me shiver, so I snuggled further into the blanket that was covering Harry and I, him pulling me closer to his chest. As the moon disappeared, the sky turned bright shades of orange and yellow, mixing with the black silhouettes of the flock of birds, eager to get to Africa. The clouds gathered, catching fire along with the rest of the view.

-It’s so beautiful, I whispered, laying my head onto Harry’s shoulder.

-I’m glad I brought you here. He looked down at me smiling, planting a kiss on my forehead.

The sun was now getting shyly up on the sky and I covered my eyes, blinded by the bright star. I looked at Harry. He was fascinated. His green eyes sparkled due to the light that came from the sun, his chocolate curls peeking out of his beanie, and his mouth slightly open. I chuckled at the sight; Harry was such a hopeless romantic! He noticed my giggle, and shut his mouth smirking.

-What? He asked, embarrassed.

-Nothing. I was just thinking of how lucky I am to have you. I love you, Harry. He smiled, revealing his dimpled cheek, his eyes filled with genuine joy.

-I love you too. He kissed my lips, making me blush, and I intertwined my fingers with his.

The sun was now up in the sky, lighting the rusty woods on our right, and the water drops on the grass. Harry got his phone out of his pocket and I got a bit disappointed, he would always play on his phone! Just for once, could he ignore it?

-Harry, I started, stretching my hand to get the phone out of his hand. He turned his gaze at me, raising his eyebrows. Suddenly, he got up, causing the blanket to fall off of my back and I started trembling. He gave me his hand, helping me to get up.

-And now, my darling, he said, grabbing my waist, we are going to slow dance under the sun. I smiled wide, because he remembered that that was my all-time dream. I put my free hand on his shoulder, and we started swaying to the music he had played on his phone.

The sound of the wind making the leaves fall was completing perfectly the song we danced to: ‘Where Is My Mind’ by Sunday Girl. My boyfriend started humming the song, pulling me closer to him. We stopped dancing, and I put my arms around him, hugging him tight.


It was a fairytale I was living in.

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