Stupid Love

Ari has been talking to a guy online they soon fall in love but the problem is she wants to see him well one day she decideds to go looking she finds him and surprises him well let's just say nothing went right from that day *SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT*


1. Love


"He is so cute and perfect" I said to my best friend she opened her mouth but then my phone rang it was Alex


"Hey beautiful"

"Hi handsom"

"What are you doing"

"Talking to you"

"That sounds very fun"

"It is"

"Lol I love you so much"

"Love you too sorry gtg message you later"

"Ok bye"

"I have a great idea lets look him up" Chloe said "What a great idea" I said clapping my hands


"FOUND HIM" Chloe screamed I looked and started packing I had to make a call "Hello" I heard the raspy voice "Oh hey Harry can I borrow your jet" I asked and yes Harry Styles "Yup sure" he said "Thank you" I said and hung up we had landed "Are you ready for this" she asked "Ready as I'll ever be" Isaid with a half smile I knocked on the door "Hello may I help you" a girl answered she was in a guys button up shirt "Um does Alex live here" I asked "Alex Reyes yes he does" she said "I'll go get him" she said "What is so important babe lets go back to sleep" I heard "Come here she is asking for you she is very nice" she said "I don't care she interupped our fun" he said I could tell it was his girlfiendnow so I ran out "Nice girlfriend you have sorry to interupe your "fun" I pressed send then I heard rumbiling behind me "I can explain just please" "Why should I give me one good reason Alex" I said with my hands on my hips he just stood there thinking "Excatly" I said walking away I ran into somebody "Oh sorrry" I looked up it was Harry "Harry what are you doing here" I asked "Well I asked Chloe what was going on she told me the full story and..." he said "And what Harry" I said "I-i came here to stop you because I love you I always did but you never noticed because of Alex" he said "Wait ar....." I heard from behind me but before he could touch me I slapped across his face "What was that for" "I don't know ask your girlfriend" I yellled "Wait your cheating on her you bastard" I heard harry say and punch Alex "Did you really think I loved you wow" He said walking away I dropped to my knees and started crying "Sh Sh Sh it's ok" Harry comferted me

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