Valentine's Day In A Hospital (1SHOT41D)

For the Valentine's Day (1Shot41D)

Elizabeth is in a coma after being in a dreadful car crash. Sadly, her parents were DOA (Dead On Arrival.) Liz is aware of everything that goes on, including who's visiting and who's not. She's like a ghost, being able to travel around and about. An indication that February 14 is today... is the stream of relatives, boyfriends and girlfriends coming to visit their loved ones. Liz get's a bit of that too.


1. Visitors save lives.

It's 7am at the hospital, it's quite foggy outside but Elizabeth still sees the line of visitors waiting outside. The line is as long as the great wall of China - even longer. The women at the front desk looks distraught by the overwhelming number of relatives and friends coming to visit on this special day. It was Valentine's Day. Everyone comes with different beautifully arranged bouquets of red roses. It is all so cute. But too unbearable for Liz. 

She walks back into her hospital room and sits down in the empty seat. She's trapped in this horrible place because her family and her were taking a drive down to the supermarket but there was black ice on the road but since it was invisible, her dad drove right through it, not knowing what would happen.

Next thing they knew, they were being flung out of the car, onto the sloppy wet ground that was covered in snow. Within minutes of the incident, sirens from ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks were at the scene trying to help the Liz and her family.

Liz's little brother was in critical condition when he arrived at the hospital. Liz visits him everyday because she knows he would do the same if he could, even though he's only 10. He was knocked unconscious and still is. It has only been 2 days. Her parents were dead on arrival. Meaning the crash killed them instantly. Sometimes Liz wonders if she could have prevented her family from going to the supermarket. 

Sometimes, just sometimes.

Her train of thought is interrupted by the sound of an opening door.

In comes a boy about her age, 18. He has locks of dirty blonde and light brown hair. She walks up to him to take a closer look. His eyes are a colour of the deep green sea. "Hello." She wants to say but she knows she can't. She smiles at the boy walking around her bed.

The boy sits in the seat she was sitting in about a minute ago. 

"Hey, Elizabeth. I'm Louis. You may not know me but I go to your school. Wilshire high school. I'm hoping you don't think I'm some weird boy coming to visit you but, when I heard that you were in a crash, I knew I had to come visit you. The nurses say you're aware of what's going on. Is that true? Can you hear me? Can you wake up?" He whispers softly into her right ear. She wants to hug him right there and then. Liz touches him but her fingers just disappear into him. That's the disadvantage of being a ghost. 

Louis is the jock of senior year at their school. How on earth can she not know who he is. He is Louis, Louis Tomlinson. The boy that everyone looked up to and had a crush on. Even Liz has feelings for that boy. 

He fingers the ring on his left pinkie. "I want to make this Valentine's Day special for you. I know everyone thinks I'm this tough guy at school but I'm not. I'm like a taco. I look like I'm tough just to show people, but on the inside, I'm not. I'm telling you this because maybe you're thinking that I'm doing this as a joke but I'm not." 

He bent down and kissed Liz's cheek.

"Here's a bouquet of roses. I know they're your favourite because you draw them on your notebook non-stop. I've been wanting to do this for who knows how long." He whispered longingly.

He bent down and kisses Liz. It was a quick and clean kiss but it drove the machines crazy. "Help!" Louis calls.

A few nurses and a doctor rushed in and someone escorted Louis out of the door. "Please wait here." The woman called.

The machines are beeping like crazy. A heart rate monitor is jumping up and down. Another siren was going off.

About three minutes later, everything stops as the same woman comes out to talk to Louis.

"Whatever you did in there, please do it again. The girl that you were with just woke up from her coma. The doctors are conducting a few tests and then we'll see how she's holding up. Please come visit everyday, I think she appreciates company. She's awake but her eyes aren't open." The nurse pats Louis's back and walks back into the room.

Liz's ghost slips out of the room when someone walks out, leaving the door ajar. She sits down in the vacant seat next to Louis. 

She knows she has to thank him. His kiss was the one to drag her out of the coma. "I'm coming to visit you everyday, I know you can hear me." Louis says softly into the air. 

~The End~

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