It all started when..

What happens when you fall in love with your hero? What happens when your hero is Niall Horan? What will happen when and old figure from Morla's past, comes back into her life? Who will she choose? Niall or Alessandro? Read to find out!


32. Where is she?

Morla's POV


I woke up on Niall's shoulder. He was sleeping too. I stood up and saw, Dani and Li sleeping next to each other, Lou and El sleeping really stuck together, Zayn and Perrie practically sleeping on top of each other. I smiled and walked over to the kitchen. "What did we do yesterday?" I said quietly. Then the memories came flooding back. When Harry and Em had left, each of us had our own make out session. Then we played truth or dare, and we, we... I couldn't remember anything else. I started making breakfast for all of us. I turned around and saw El walking towards me. "What did we do yesterday?" she asked. I shrugged and turned back. She came next to me and helped make breakfast. After a few minutes, everyone was awake. We were all eating at the table, trying to remember what we did yesterday. "Guys! Who watched the hangover?" asked Zayn, we all raised our hands, "well, in the end they found the pictures right?" "Yeah! Let's check phones, and cameras!" said Lou. We all took out our phones and looked. "Nothing." everyone else said. "Wait I've got something." I said. Everyone came around me. It was one of those, #that awkward moment when, pictures. "That awkward moment when, you were all drugged by Alessandro and we partied so hard." I read aloud. We all looked a each other for a minute. "How?" said Perrie. I continued looking through my phone and saw all kinds of pictures of us with Ale. I got up and went to our room. "I have to go." I said. I changed into some fresh clothes and opened the door. "Where?" they asked. "Uh I have an ultra sound to go to." I lied. "No." said Niall. "Ok you caught me, its just, to be honest I really need a smoke." I said. "I'll be back in five!" I called out. I closed the door and got in the car. When I got to the corner shop. I bought cigarettes and smoked. "Finally." I whispered. 


When I got back home, Niall was standing there, looking angry. "You lied." he said. "What? No I literally went to smoke!" I said. "Not about that. When you were gone, I decided to continue looking at the pictures on your phone. Then I saw you got a text. So I checked it out and saw that Ale was texting you these entire seven months. I thought you didn't love him." he said raising his volume for each word. "I don't Niall! I swear!" I said. I took my phone and checked it out. "That's not me. Please believe me!" I begged. The texts were saying 'I love you so much!' or 'I miss you babe!' or something dirty. He sat down and started crying. "I don't know anymore!" he said. I ran and sat down next to him. I gave him a huge hug but he pulled away. "Niall, please." I started crying too now. "Ale must've hacked my phone or something!" he half smiled but  frowned instantly. "I love you, but I'm scared that he'll do something to you two." he said. He put his hand on my stomach and gently rubbed. "I love you so much more." I laughed. He laughed too now. "I can't stay mad at you!" he said. He put his hand behind my neck and pulled me closer. He gently placed his lips on mine.


Hours later, everyone was gone and me and Niall were deciding where to put the furniture. "Perfect." I said when we were all done. "Uh-huh." he answered. He put his arm around my waist and we looked inside. I smiled and walked out of the room. "Wanna go out tonight?" I asked him. "Where to?" he said. "On a walk or something. I just think we should go out more." I said. He smiled widely and nodded. "How about we go on a walk, to Nandos?" he asked. I nodded and pulled him close. 


I put on some green jeans with a black full panel, but that was suddenly too tight on me, so I put on a black extended panel. I put Niall's shirt and fixed my hair to the side. I walked out of the room, Niall was standing at the door. "C'mon." he said. I took my purse and put his wallet inside of it. We walked down the street, hands intertwined. A few fans took pictures. Some wanted to see if they can get a kick from the baby. When we finally got to Nandos, Niall used his celebrity pass card and payed for me. Nothing could ruin this, I thought. While we were eating, we saw the boys come in. Niall and I exchanged looks then called them over. Louis looked like he had been crying for ages. The rest of the boys had a concerned look on their face. "Lou? Whats wrong?" I asked. "He wants to talk to you and only you!" said Liam. "He refuses to tell anyone else whats wrong." added Zayn. I nodded and brought Louis outside with me on a walk. "Whats wrong?" I asked. He looked up at me and said, "It's a-about E-Eleanor." "Take your time." I said. "Sh-She's missing!" he added. I grabbed him into a huge hug. "We'll find her!" I said. "You don't get it. Ale has her! I just know it!" he said. "Has he left a clue?" I was scared. If Lou was right, Ale would only trade one thing for El. Me. "Yeah, h-he left her a text saying that he would take her! Morla I'm scared. We need to do something." he said. "I'm scared too, but we really need to tell the boys. And its about time we tell the cops." I answered. We need to find El. We have to.

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