It all started when..

What happens when you fall in love with your hero? What happens when your hero is Niall Horan? What will happen when and old figure from Morla's past, comes back into her life? Who will she choose? Niall or Alessandro? Read to find out!


13. The Horror!

Morla's POV


I laughed when I saw what movie he picked. "Whats so funny?" he said. "Nothing." Silent House was actually one of my favourite movies. I decided to go along with it. So I pretended to be scared at the scary parts. I could sense that he scared, but he didn't want to show it. I knew he needed a little comfort. I cuddled up closer to him and knew that he was smiling. I had dozed off during the middle of the movie, but I woke up around the ending. "It was the daughter?!" Niall half yelled. "Yeah," I said still half asleep. "Now how do you know that?" he asked playfully. "I already watched this." I said while giggling. I got up and he followed. I ran across the house with him hot on my tail. "Niall! Stop!" I yelled when he grabbed me and pulled me close. I giggled when he kissed my nose. He looked at me and complete started dying of laughter. "What's so funny?" I asked. "Nothing, I was just thinking of how much I love you." he said. "Aw Nialler!" I said. I pushed him against the wall and kissed him, starting from his cheek, then going lower and lower until I reached his pants. Then I got right back up and smiled. "What? Why won't you continue?!" he asked. I smirked and ran off, knowing that he's going to follow. 


"What are you doing?!" I said, giggling. "You'll see!" he pulled me in for a deep, long, passionate kiss. When we pulled away, I felt him unzip my jeans. He pulled down my pants and pulled off my shirt. Then he pulled off his shirt and pants. "C'mon! We're going in my jacuzzi!" he said. "You have a jacuzzi?!" I asked. He nodded and brought me to his other bathroom. We both jumped in and laughed together for a few minutes. Then things changed when we placed his lips onto mine. The kiss turned more and more passionate. Niall got closer to me and stuck his finger inside of me. "Niall" I moaned loudly. I moaned even louder when he put another finger. Then the boys all came in with only their boxers on. It took everything in me to hold back a moan. "Niall stop!" I whispered in his ear. But he didn't. "Niall!" I said again. Then he finally pulled out and started smiling like a freak. "Um I have to go do something." I said. I got out and left, but right before closing the door, I heard Louis say, "Don't worry, I won't tell the boys about what you two were just doing."


"Ok, bye guys!" I said to the boys on my way out. While I was walking, I got mobbed by the paparazzi and fans. "No please, leave me alone!" I yelled. I started breathing heavily. I felt the tears threaten. I continued walking but they were still following me. "LEAVE!" I yelled to them. They were all shocked but they listened. Only one little girl came. She grabbed onto me and hugged me. I looked around to maybe find her guardians but no one was there. "Hi, what's your name?" I asked her bending down in front of her. "Anna. I can't find my mum!" she said. "Your the only person I know here, you know Niall Horan right?!" "Mhm" I know here number, can I go meet the boys and call her at your house?" she asked. "Uh sure, lets go." I said. I held her hand and brought her back to Niall's house. When they saw the little girl, they all were shocked. 


"Guys, this is Anna! She can't find her mum so she wants to call her from over here."I said. "Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam! I think I'm going to die!" she yelled. "Where's your phone??" "Over there." Niall answered pointing to the corner. "What are you doing?!" he asked. "Helping a little girl find her mum!" said Louis. "Thank you Louis." I said. I looked at Niall and it had been obvious that he was drinking."Niall, your drunk. Lie down and I'll get you some water." I said. He nodded and went to lie down. "Wow, your the first person who has ever calmed him down when he was drunk!" said Liam. I went in the kitchen and grabbed the water. Anna was sitting down talking to the boys. "You need anything love?" I asked her. "No I'm good thanks." she answered. I went back in the living room and plopped down next to Niall. "Heeeyyy!" he chuckled. "Lie down!" I said. He put his head on my shoulder and started laughing. "Why are you laughing?" I asked. "I don't know!" he said. Within seconds, we were both laughing like weirdos. 


A few hours later, Anna had left, Niall was hungover and all of the boys were gone. "Can we watch Nemo?" I asked. "Ok." he said. During the movie, Niall was crying. He was lying his head on my lap with tears in his eyes. "Aw! Don't cry babe!" I said. I pulled his face close to mine and kissed his lips. When I pulled away there was no more tears, but he was smiling. "You did that on purpose!" I said. "What if I did?"he laughed. "Then I would do this," I said, then I pinched his cheek, hard, and ran. "Hey! You get back here!" he yelled behind me. Luckily, I had the chance to hide. I hid under his bed and listened o him run around and look for me. Then the phone rang and he answered, "Hello?" pause "Oh hey!" pause "Ya sure I'd love to!" pause "Ok wait I'll ask her." pause. Then he screamed my name and asked me if I wanted to go to his friends house for a party tonight, "I don't know Niall, there's going to be too many people!" I said getting out from under the bed, "Oh c'mon! Why don't you try? If your not comfortable we can leave." he said ."Ok, promise?" "Promise."

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