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What happens when you fall in love with your hero? What happens when your hero is Niall Horan? What will happen when and old figure from Morla's past, comes back into her life? Who will she choose? Niall or Alessandro? Read to find out!


31. Thanks for helping

Niall's POV


I woke up to the doorbell. Morla was still by my side, sleeping nicely. I got up and ran to the door. "Hello?" I said. I looked up and saw the guy from the store. "Hello sir. We've got all of the furniture that you bought yesterday." he said. "Oh yeah thanks." the sun was in my face, I was sleepy, and I had totally forgotten about all this. "Would you like us to help you bring it in and make the furniture for you or not?" he asked. He was tall and thin. He was very pale with dark brown hair and his eyes were too close together. "Uh can you just help bring them in? My girlfriend and I like doing this together." I replied with a huge smile. "Alright sir. Now just sign here and where is your girlfriend?" he asked. "Slee-" "Hi" Morla got up behind me and cut me off. "Oh hey love." I said. She put her arm around my shoulder. "Babe, these are the guys from the store yesterday? They came to bring the furniture." "Oh alright." with her free arm, she put out her hand and shook hands with the man. "Alright boys! Bring in the furniture." he called out. There were a few boys who brought in some of the furniture. "May I come in?" he asked. "Sure." Morla answered. We moved out of the way to let everyone in. I brought the man to the kitchen and Morla brought the other men to the nursery. The man put the sheet of paper and a pen on the island and sat down. "Can I get you anything?" I asked. "No thank you. I'm only here for a few minutes." he smiled and told me where to sign. Then Morla came in and signed her part. "Thanks." we both said. "No problem and good luck and congratulations." said the man looking down at Morla's belly. 


A few minutes later, me and Morla were in the kitchen making breakfast while listening to the radio. "Up next, we've got a very special song, dedicated to Emma, Harry Styles' girlfriend." said the radio host. Morla and I both looked at each other and smiled. "Aw." we both said. "Am I awake am I asleep or somewhere in between. I can't believe that you are here and lying next to me..." the song started. "Does this mean that they already slept together?" I asked. She chuckled and returned to breakfast. "Niall." she said. She looked up at me. Concern filled her eyes. "Yeah love?" "I-I-Nevermind." she said She looked back down and we continued listening to the radio. "Truly madly deeply, I am foolishly completely falling..." I looked back down to the over cooked eggs. "Fuck." I muttered.


After breakfast, Morla and I got dressed. I called the boys to come over. I smiled when I saw Morla wearing these pink jeans with the full panel, and one of my black t-shirts. We went in the room and started with the furniture. I heard some sound outside the room. "The boys are hear." she smiled. I got up and left the room. "Boys?" I called. Louis popped up in front of me with a mouth full of popcorn. "Can you guys help us now or not?" I asked. He nodded and the rest of the boys came. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it!" said Morla. She waddled out of the room and came back about 3 minutes later with Perrie, Dani, El and Em. Harry walked up to Emma and put his arms around her torso. Pulling her for a long and passionate kiss. 


Harry's POV


I never wanted to pull away. She was perfect. Gorgeous, smart, fun. She moved her arms to my back. Then she pulled away. I looked into her big brown eyes and smiled. "Hey." she whispered. "Hiya." I said. She smiled. Then I turned away and continued to work on the crib. I kept looking up to see Emma but she wasn't ever looking back. Every time I'd look back down, I felt as though someone was staring.


When all of the furniture was finished, all we had to do was place them. But that was Niall and Morla's decision. They decided to do that tomorrow. We all sat around the living room table. Drinking tea. Em came and sit on my lap. I was honestly falling harder for her. "We heard the song for Em." said Morla. Em smiled and nodded. "So did I." she said. She turned her head and looked into my eyes. "So, Does that mean you two already slept together?" asked Niall. Em blushed and turned away. "Uh.." I said. "I don't know!" Em said playfully. I chuckled and rested my head on her shoulder. I rubbed circles into her back and knew, that I was tickling her. She tried to hold back her laughter but that was a complete fail. Suddenly she moved away from me and sat next to me. She smiled and out her arm around my shoulder. She turned her head and looked at me. With her other hand she traced my tattoos.  turned back to the conversation of the others but they all had stopped talking. All of them were having a moment with their loves. I turned back to Em and pressed my lips on to hers. She moved her hands to my back. I moaned quietly against her lips when she tugged on my hair. "Em, how about we go home." I winked and she nodded. "Guys were leaving!" I said. "Thanks for helping!" Morla called out before we walked out of the house in a hurry to get back home. 


When we got home, Em pushed me up against the wall and crashed her lips onto mine. To be honest, we were both pretty horny. I moved my hands to her bum and gently squeezed, making her just kiss me harder. She tangled her fingers in my hair gently tugging on it. I felt her smile through the longest kiss of my life. She quickly undid my belt and pulled down my pants. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and didn't break the kiss once. I pulled away for air and flipped her against the wall. I roughly pulled off her dress and continued kissing her. I unclasped her bra and cupped her breast. "Harry!" she moaned. We were both standing there in the living room, in our underwear. I picked her up and brought her to my bedroom. When I pulled away, she slowly kissed every inch of my face. Making me grin. She then moved down lower. All the way up to my boxers. She pulled off my boxers and smirked. Then she came back up to my face and pushed herself against me. I pulled down her underwear and took a condom. But she took it from me. She slowly put it on me with her mouth. Once it was on, She nibbled a bit on my dick. "Emma!" I moaned. She came back up and smashed her lips onto mine. I ran my dick down her clit. She pulled me closer to her. "Harry just do it!" she said, with a lust filled voice. "Beg for it." I said. "Harry! Please!" she said. "Not good enough." I said. "Harry! Just get fucking inside of me!" she yelled. I smiled and before she can say anything I slid my full cock inside of her. She gasped loudly, "Harry your huge!" she yelled. "You need time to adjust?" I asked. She nodded and for about five minutes, we stayed like that just kissing. Then she nodded and I started thrusting. "H-Harder Harry!" she yelled out. I thrusted harder and faster. "I-I think I'm a-about to c-come!" she moaned. "One more minute babe!" I said. I thrusted harder and faster making her moan even louder. "I can't!" she said. We both came at the same time. Then I fell back to her side. 


I got up and took her hand. I pulled her upward as she giggled. I took her in my arms and held her tight. "Where are we going?" she whispered. She started kissing down my neck. "Shower." I answered. She smiled and kissed my lips, making me stop in the middle of the room. She pulled away and got out of my room. "C'mon." she winked pulling me in. Round 2.


A/N this chapter was specifically for my sis. Her name is Emma lol and she's gonna read this so lol I luv u Em!

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