It all started when..

What happens when you fall in love with your hero? What happens when your hero is Niall Horan? What will happen when and old figure from Morla's past, comes back into her life? Who will she choose? Niall or Alessandro? Read to find out!


30. Talk about a stalker!

Morla's POV


The boys ate like pigs. But then again, they always do. We laughed and talked and had so much fun. When we were finished, I realized that Niall had never joined us. "I'll be right back." I said. I got up and went to our room. "Niall?" I called out. He was in the washroom. I heard the water running. I popped my head in through the door. "Niall?" He wasn't in the shower. His clothes weren't even there. I walked in and saw that his towel was dry. I went back to the boys, "Has anyone seen Niall?" I asked. They all looked at each other and Louis got up. He looked out the window and turned around in a shock. "His car is still there. He should still be here." he said. Harry and Liam ran to the bathroom. They were all running around the place looking for him when finally we were altogether. "A-Anyone find him?" I asked. I pacing back and forth. "N-No." said Zayn. They were all staring at me. I sat down and almost started crying. "Where the fuck did he go?" I half screamed. The boys were all really quiet, not moving, not talking, it didn't even look like they were breathing! "I'll be back in an hour or so." I said. Even if I couldn't drive, I grabbed the keys and got in the car. "Wait, Morla where are you going?" I heard Liam call out. I didn't answer. I started driving all the way until I saw Ale's house. 


I got up and walked to the door. I was a little bit nervous. I rang the doorbell and waited for his mum to answer. Ale never answered the door. "Morla?!" his mum said, shocked. "Hello! How have you been?" I asked. "Fine! You?" She looked me up and down. "Fine, anyways, is Ale home?" I asked. "Yeah, your pregnant?!" she seemed even more shocked. "Uh yeah, may I come in?" She moved out of the way and let me in. "He's right upstairs dear." I walked upstairs slowly, remembering what Ale and I had done the last time I was in this house. When I got to his room, I gently knocked on the door. Ale opened the door and smirked when he saw me. "Hello babe." he said. "I said it a million times, don't call me that." He shot me a dirty look and pulled me in his room. When I walked into his room, I saw millions of pictures of me. I saw when I died my hair, when I got my tattoo, when I went with Niall for his tattoo, he even had pictures of the baby's ultra sound! I looked in the corner of his room and there he was. Niall was sitting there tied up.


"A-Ale, let him go." I said. "Why?'' There was tape on Niall's mouth. "What the hell do you want?" I asked. "You." he whispered. "What do you mean?" I was honestly scared. "The only way I'll let Niall leave alive, is if you leave him and come with me! We can raise OUR child together!" he laughed. "N-Never. I won't ever leave Niall!" I said. "I love you." he said. "Stop it! I'm sorry, but I don't love you anymore. I chose Niall and like I said, that's my final decision." He looked hurt but then he gave me a dirty look. I looked at Niall who was scared out of his wits. 'I love you' I mouthed to him. He nodded and I saw a tear run down his cheek. "Please," I begged, "leave us alone!" He grabbed my arm and pushed me against the wall. "HELP!" I yelled. The door shot open and Ale's dad came into view. I was crying now. I looked at Ale and he backed away from me. I ran to untie Niall. I ripped off the tape and kissed his lips. Ale's dad was shocked. "Your pregnant?" he asked. "Why would you leave my son?" he continued, "If its his baby. You shouldn't go and raise his baby with him." he pointed to Niall. "No its his." I pointed to Niall too. "How long?" he asked. "7 months and a half." I whispered. "The last time we saw you it was 7 months and a half ago. That is his baby!" he yelled out. "No it isn't. I was with Niall seven months and a half ago too." Our conversation was awkward all the way up until Ale's dad came and shoved me on Ale's bed. Then it got scary.


"N-Niall!" I yelled. Ale was taking him out of the room. His parents and him were crazy! "What are you doing?" I asked. He started tying me to the same chair and said, "You'll get out off here when you are in labour." I was terrified. What would happen to me when I do give birth? What would happen to the baby? When Ale's dad left, Ale walked in and sat next to me. "Look's like we'll be sleeping together from now on." he said. He giggled and rubbed my belly. "Please don't d-do this!" I begged. Then we heard some commotion downstairs. Ale got up and didn't come back. When everything was silent, I assumed that they had left the house. But I was wrong. After a while, Niall and the boys barged in the room. "N-Niall." I said. He untied me and pulled me up. "We don't have much time. Lets go!" said Harry. We ran out the house and back home. "H-How did you guys find us?" I asked. "We followed you Morla." said Liam. "Thanks." I said. I tilted my head so it was resting on Niall's shoulder. "I thought I would loose you." I said. "You'll never loose me." he said. He put his hand on my belly and smiled. "I love you both!" he laughed. "Well, we love you too." I said. 


When we got home, me and Niall went to bed automatically. Even if it was seven, we needed to rest. I had an amazing dream where it was three years from now. Me and Niall were happily married, we with our beautiful baby. I loved it. But I woke up to a sudden crash. My eyes shot open. Niall wasn't by my side anymore. I got up and went to the kitchen. Niall was standing there, with a pan on the floor. I laughed when I saw the eggs all splattered over his shirt. "This isn't funny." he said. "Yeah it is!" I couldn't stop laughing. "Here, let me wash this for you." I got closer to him, and took off his shirt. He smirked and kissed me on the lips, hard. I pulled away and went to the laundry room. "Niall?!" I called out to him. "Yeah?" he said walking in. "What's that?" I asked, pointing to a basket with a little kitten inside. "That's Polly." he answered. "Out new kitten." "A kitten?" "Yeah." I gave him a huge hug. "She's so cute!" I went to the kitten, dropping his shirt and picked her up. "Hii!" I said. She meowed, making me giggle. I put her back in the basket and bent down to pick up his shirt. "OW!" I yelled. I got back up and held my back. "It hurts too much to bend down anymore." I wined. "Here,let me get it." he said. He bent down and through his shirt in the washing machine. He looked very concerned and to be honest, I was concerned too.

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