It all started when..

What happens when you fall in love with your hero? What happens when your hero is Niall Horan? What will happen when and old figure from Morla's past, comes back into her life? Who will she choose? Niall or Alessandro? Read to find out!


9. Shut out

Morla's POV


I woke up to the sound of sirens. "What? Where am I?" I whispered. I saw Niall and smiled, but the smile soon disappeared when I realized what had happened. "Morla, you passed out after hearing the news." he said. He looked like he had been crying. He held my hand and looked me straight in the eyes. "Morla, I'm so sorry." he said. I stayed quiet. I looked at him and held back the tears. I didn't want to let him see me cry. "Where are we?" I whispered. "We're in the ambulance." he said. "They only wanted to check you up." "ok" I barely whispered. We stopped talking and kissed. I pulled him down and me pulled me up, off the gurney. "Niall" I whispered out of breath. He kept on kissing me, going lower and lower down my neck. "Niall" I moaned. He stopped when he realized where we were. I let out a sigh and lied back down. "You and grandpa are the only ones I have left." I whispered. I couldn't hold back the tears and started bawling my eyes out. "It'll be alright." he kept saying. 


**Three months later**


Niall's POV


Its been three months since I last saw Morla. She doesn't answer my phone calls, my emails, nothing. Her grandpa tells me that she locked herself in her room and doesn't come out. "She only comes out at night, to eat and go to the washroom." he says. "But, today, today its different. She came out this morning and asked for you!" he said to me, all while I was at the door. I walked in, right to her room. I knocked on her door, no answer. "Morla?" I said softly. No answer. I was about to walk away but  the door swung open. "Niall." she said, wrapping her arms around me. She stuck her face in my chest and cried. "Its alright." I said hugging her back. "No its not!" she snapped, pulling away. Words can't even explain how much I wanted her to open up to me right now. "Please, Morla," I started, but she cut me off when she pulled me into her room. She sat down on her bed and cried. I looked around her room. She had so many posters of Justin Bieber. She also had a few of me. "I thought you didn't know who I was." I whispered. "I didn't, but once we started dating, when I got home, my grandparents let me go out for like ten minutes, and I got some of you." she whispered. She had stopped crying now. She sat crossed legs on her bed and motioned me to come sit in front of her. So I did. We sat like that for about twenty minutes, without saying anything, and just looking into each other's eyes. 


Morla's POV


After about twenty minutes, I pulled him closer to me. I wanted him to know that I was giving him my heart. "I love you." I whispered. "I love you too." he whispered back. "During those three months, your all I could think about." he said. I looked deeply into his beautiful blue eyes. "Me too." I said. We both slowly leaned in and kissed. He slipped his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance. He won like always. I didn't understand how we always got interrupted when things got heated. "Sorry, I'm interrupting aren't I?" said my grandpa. "Yes grandpa." I said. He turned around and closed the door. "Where were we?" asked Niall. I crashed my lips onto his while he was slowly pulling my shirt over my head. But this time, we got interrupted by his phone ringing, "Don't answer." I said. "I have to, its the boys." he said pulling his shirt back on. He got up and left the room. I grabbed my shirt and put it on. I walked out of my room and went to the bathroom. "I look like shit," I whispered as I saw myself in the mirror.

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