It all started when..

What happens when you fall in love with your hero? What happens when your hero is Niall Horan? What will happen when and old figure from Morla's past, comes back into her life? Who will she choose? Niall or Alessandro? Read to find out!


21. Meet the parents!

Morla's POV


When the plane landed, I felt my heart pound. Me and Niall walked off the plane, with our fingers intertwined. "Niall, I'm really scared, what if they don't like me?!" I said. "They will! Your grandparents liked me!" he said. "Yeah but you saved my life!" He shrugged and we continued walking. We got our luggage's and waited for Niall's parents to come pick us up. "Yeo" said his mother. I turned to Niall. "She says hello." he answered. "Oh, uh yeo?" I said. "How-ye?" she asked. I turned to Niall and waited patiently for him to say something. "I realize now that this will be way harder then I thought. Anyways, she says How are you? And just reply in English, she understands and speaks it she's just testing you." he wined. I turned to look at his mom and she just laughed. "I'm Maura, but you can call me mum!" she said. "Uh hi, I'm Morla." I said. I was really shy and didn't know what else to say. I looked over to Niall and he smirked. "Lets go!" he said. 


When we got to his house, my jaw dropped. His house was huge. "Oh. My. God." I said. He laughed and put one arm around my waist. "Its huge!" I said. "Oh C'mon! Its not that huge!" he said. "Yes it is!" I said, playfully punching his arm. he pretended like it hurt and I laughed. "Deal with it!" I tried and act tough but I just couldn't and started dying of laughter. We grabbed our suit cases and walked in. "Greg? Greg?" yelled Niall's father. A younger man walked down the stairs. "Yeo!" he said. "Yeo?" I said. I was still confused with this Irish slang. He held out his hand and smiled. We shook hands and he didn't let go of mine. "Uhh" I said. "Oh sorry!" he said. He pulled away his hand and stared at Niall. "So. Where do we sleep?" asked Niall. "Up here." said Maura. She led us all the way up to the top room. "You two have the floor to yourselves!" she winked and went back downstairs. I looked at the smug grin on Niall's face "No." was all I said. He quickly turned around and started unpacking. "Guys! Come and eat!" yelled Maura. When we were going downstairs, Niall was whispering dirty things in my ear, making me want him even more.


The dinner was long and boring. Maura was asking me many questions. She even asked about my parents. When it was finally over, Niall picked me up, bridal style and brought me upstairs. "Do you have a bathing suit?" he asked. "Yeah, I packed it last minute, in your bag." I said. He opened his bag and took out my yellow bikini. "Aw, baby this'll look so good on you!" he said. He grabbed his bathing suit and we went and change together in the bathroom. "Niall can you tie this for me?" I asked. I turned around and showed him my bikini top. "Sure babe." he tied it up for me and when I turned around, he grabbed me and pulled me close to him. He pulled me in for a kiss and I knew that if I kissed back, it would only lead to other things. But I kissed back anyways. I felt Niall's hand go lower and lower down my back and to my bum. He gently squeezed my bum making me giggle through the kiss. I stopped him when I felt his bulge against my leg. "No,Niall, not now." I said. "Please Morla!" he begged. I took a minute to decide what we should do. I went to him and roughly kissed his lips. I felt him smile through the kiss. It took everything out of me to hold back a moan when he was kissing down my neck. "We shouldn't." he suddenly stopped."Your right." I agreed. We went downstairs and stood there waiting for a minute. "Well?" I asked."Lets go to in the water!" said Niall. 

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