It all started when..

What happens when you fall in love with your hero? What happens when your hero is Niall Horan? What will happen when and old figure from Morla's past, comes back into her life? Who will she choose? Niall or Alessandro? Read to find out!


6. I think I love you

Serena's POV


A few hours later, everyone was leaving. Luca, the boys, even Morla's grandparents! They had trusted me to take care of her. Morla had told me her feelings for Niall, she also told me how they were boyfriend and girlfriend now. "I'll be right back, I just need to call Luca and tell him!" I said. "Ok." she said. So I left the room, and called Luca. "hey babe." he said. "Hey! Guess what?!" "You wanna come over?" "Uh, yes, but that's not it, Niall and Morla, Norla or maybe Miall!" "What?! They're dating?" "Mhm! Awesome right?! Well I gotta go, maybe later I'll come over later." "Ok, I'll be waiting. Bye." he said. Then we hung up and I went back into the room. When I walked in, I couldn't find Morla, but I did find a note which she and Niall both signed. 

Dear Serena, 

               You took so long that Niall actually had time to come and help me up. We left to the cafeteria if you wanna see us. Anyways, you can go see Luca, Niall said he'd stay here for the night. 

                                                                                                             -Morla xx       -Niall :)

I decided to take her advice and leave to see Luca.


Harry's POV


I was furious. Why did I have to leave?! Morla probably thinks that I left because I didn't like her. How can Niall even call himself my friend? I'm going to see her. On my way out, Niall caught me, "Hey mate, where are you going? I can give you a ride on my way to the hospital!" he smiled. He knew I was going to the hospital that's the only reason. "No where. I was just going out to see the fans." I said. We both walked out and I signed a few autographs as I saw Niall drive away. Sure, I was disappointed, but I knew that Niall liked her and that she liked him. I couldn't get anywhere near her. She's Niall's, not mine.


Morla's POV


We were at the cafeteria for a while, eating, talking, laughing. Then we spent the rest of the night just lying in the hospital bed. We cuddled up together and he softly sang to me. He sang Truly, Madly, Deeply. "No offense to the boys, but I'll always love your voice more." I said. "They don't have to know." he said. "This my be too soon," I started, "but I think I love you." "I think I love you too." he said.

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