It all started when..

What happens when you fall in love with your hero? What happens when your hero is Niall Horan? What will happen when and old figure from Morla's past, comes back into her life? Who will she choose? Niall or Alessandro? Read to find out!


10. I know you from somewhere

Morla's POV


I was wearing a black t shirt that said, Mevotec, spread out on it. I had these crappy jeans on and my makeup was all smudged. My hair was not brushed and it showed. I tried to make myself look better. I wiped off all of my makeup and brushed my hair. I got out of the bathroom and walked into my room. Niall was on the bed, staring at me. "Hey babe." he said. "Wanna come with me? The boys and I are going out with the girls and stuff, " "I'd love to." I said. "Ok good." he pulled me closer to him and kissed down my neck. "Niall, not now." I said. He pulled away and just smiled. "I'll come and pick you up in an hour." he said. "Were going somewhere fancy, so dress up." he added. 


When he left, I felt alone again. I looked through my closet and smiled at all of the fancy dresses I had. But only one of them really caught my eye. I wore a short dress, with no straps and a sweet heart form, the dress had a black flower layout on top of the red skirt. 


This is what I wore:


I went to take a shower and then I tried on the dress, it fit perfectly. So I grabbed some black, sparkly flats, and headed to my room. I put on a dab of makeup and straightened my hair. I realized that I was missing something, so I went to my jewelry box. I had these black heart shaped earrings with another smaller red heart inside of them that I had been dying to wear. I also grabbed the long red necklace and looked at myself in a full body mirror. In that moment, I had totally forgotten about the tragedy. I felt beautiful, and happy. I was admiring myself for about ten minutes when I got pulled out of my thoughts as the doorbell rang. "Niall!" I said. I went downstairs and let him in. "Hey babe, you look gorgeous." he said. "You don't look too bad yourself!" I said. I grabbed a little jacket and put it on. "One minute, let me say bye to my grandpa." I went in the living room and saw that he was sleeping on the couch. I couldn't let wake him, so I wrote a note and left. When we got to the restaurant, I got thirteen new text messages. All from Serena. From Serena :) xx: Hey dude, Where you at? To Serena :) xx: I'm at a restaurant with Niall! We were texting the entire time and at some times, I realized that it was Luca texting too. I send them a few pictures, a few videos. They'd send me a few pictures and videos too. Then they both had to go so we said goodnight. I put my phone away and looked up. Everyone at the table was staring at me. "Uh hi?" I said. "Morla, were so sorry for your loss! Niall told us and the real reason were hear is because we wanted to see you!" Danielle blurted out. "Uh I- um I'll be right back." I said. I got up and walked out of the restaurant. I sat on the bench and took out my lighter and a cigarette. I was just about to light it when someone came and sit next to me. It was Perrie. "Hello love," she said, "I didn't know you smoked!" "Now you do." I whispered. I didn't mean to sound rude but it just came out that way. "We all know you didn't come out here just to smoke, so why did you leave?" she asked "I just couldn't stand being around everyone who pities me. I don't want any pity!" I said. "You know what, tell Niall that I'm going on a walk and I'll be back in about ten minutes." I said. I got up and started walking but Perrie grabbed my arm.


"I know you from somewhere, and not just cause your Niall's girlfriend." she said.

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