It all started when..

What happens when you fall in love with your hero? What happens when your hero is Niall Horan? What will happen when and old figure from Morla's past, comes back into her life? Who will she choose? Niall or Alessandro? Read to find out!


8. Heart Problems

Morla's POV


My grandparents and I have been sitting in the living room for over an hour. They are always making me watch boring or educational TV shows. During those three hours that I have to sit there and do nothing, they don't let me answer phone calls, guests, nothing. We were in the middle of Jeopardy when the phone rang. It can't be Niall, I never gave him my number! I thought and let out a loud sigh. My grandpa got up and answered. "Hello?" pause, "Oh! Well of coarse you can!" pause, "Alright wait a moment." Then my grandpa came and gave me the phone. I was shocked. This was the first time in three years that he let me talk to someone during Jeopardy. I took the phone and left to my room. "hello?" "Hey! Morla!" It was Niall. I knew automatically from the deep Irish accent.

"Niall? I never gave you my number. How'd you get it?"

"Long story. Anyways, I was wondering if maybe you'd like to come to the boys house tonight?" 

"Uh I don't know I'd have to check with my grandparents, but I would love to!" 

"Alright, if you can, please call me back and I'll tell you where to go. If you can't, call me back anyways!" he said before he hung up without letting either of us say goodbye. 


I was really hoping to see him. I got up and asked my grandparents. "Please!! I know you guys like Niall!" I said. They exchanged looks before both answering, "No." I felt the tears threaten as I went back to my room. I didn't even want to continue the three hours. I got the phone and called Niall.


 "Hey Its me."

"Oh Hey! Can you come?" 

"Uh... Yeah!"


"No. They said no, but I'm coming anyways."

"You sure?" 

"Mhm. Where will I be going?"

He told me his address and the time I should be there. That night, when my grandparents were both in bed, I put on my purple hello kitty dress shirt, and some black tights. I fixed my hair in a dutch braid and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked pretty good, I thought, but then I realized that I needed shoes. I grabbed my black converses and then looked at my self in the mirror. Now I looked good.



**Niall's House Now**


Louis' POV


I'd never seen Niall this excited. He was basically jumping off the walls! "Niall, mate, calm down!" said Harry in attempt to stop him. But that didn't help. It just made him even more hyper. "SHE'S HERE!" he yelled without any warning. The door did't even ring or we didn't even here a knock. "Now how do you know that?" I asked with Eleanor still by my side. "I just do." he said. I turned to Eleanor, only to see that she wasn't there anymore. I looked all around myself only to realize she was at the door with Niall. I walked to the door and put my arm around Eleanor. "Where did you go?" I whispered. She turned herself to face me. She pulled me close and looked deeply into my eyes. I got lost in her deep, brown eyes. I got pulled out of my trance when her lips crashed onto mine. I slid my tongue in her mouth as the kiss got more and more passionate. "Woah guys, get a room!" said Niall, making us pull away. 


Morla's POV


I walked in to Louis and Eleanor making out in the entrance hall. "Hey." I whispered. "Woah guys, get a room!" said Niall. I felt as though, I was interrupting them. I looked at Niall but he didn't look back. He pulled me in and introduced me to a bunch of other people. "Niall, I-" I started, "And this is Andy!" said Liam. "Niall, I didn't know that there'd be this much people, I-" he cut me off by placing his lips on mine. "Its ok, there isn't that many people her." he said.I nodded as he pulled me towards someone very familiar. "Niall, is this-" "Yeah." he said cutting me off. Right in front of me was Justin freaking Bieber! "I am a HUGE fan!" I said. I put my hand out but he puled me in for hug. I felt as though I would pass out. "Niall, I think I'm gonna pass out!" I said. I looked from Justin to Niall over and over again. "Ok, maybe you should sit." they both said. I nodded as the both held me while bringing me over to a couch. They both sat next to me and we spoke for hours. When everyone was gone, it was about 1:00 am. "Shit.." I said. I really have to go. "Would you mind bringing me back home?" I asked Niall. "Sure love." He said. He saluted Justin, and thee boys. Then he opened the door and we left. 


Niall opened the car door for me, like a gentleman. He sat next to me and brought me to my house. When we got there, the whole place was surrounded. "Whats going on?" I asked a cop. "Ma'am do you live here?" asked the cop. "Uh ya, now what the fuck is going on?!" "Ma'am, the older woman that lived here has had heart problems lately, and she died tonight, in her sleep, I'm really sorry." said the cop. Then everything went black.


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