It all started when..

What happens when you fall in love with your hero? What happens when your hero is Niall Horan? What will happen when and old figure from Morla's past, comes back into her life? Who will she choose? Niall or Alessandro? Read to find out!


23. First date

Niall's POV


When we got back upstairs, I gave her one of my t shirts that I knew she loved. "Thanks babe." she smiled. I loved her smile. "C'mon, lets go say goodnight to my mum and Greg." I said, she nodded and grabbed my hand. We went downstairs and  said goodnight. Morla was really shy and I laughed when she didn't know what to say. Then we went back up and went to bed. I held her tight in my arms, spooning her. 


"N-No!" I woke up to Morla, moving around, whispering my name and "No". Then she woke up gasping for air. "Niall!" she cried, crashing onto my chest. "Hey, hey, whats wrong?" I whispered. "I had a bad dream." she answered. I could see that this was way worse then just a normal bad dream. "What was it about?" I asked, sitting up. She looked at me and cried. "Niall, it was about you meeting Alessandro and everything went wrong! He found out about  me telling you and he killed you and then he took me away and killed the boys and grandpa, all in front of me!" she said. "Its ok, Alessandro will never hurt me, and especially you." I told her. I pulled her close and lied her down. "Its ok, it was just a dream" I said. We fell back asleep like that. 


The next morning, I didn't have the heart to wake Morla. She was sleeping like an angel. I was really careful not to wake her. I went downstairs and smelled eggs. Mum. "Greg left to a friends house" she said. "Ok" I answered. "You want eggs dear?" she asked, but right when I was about to answer, I felt arms wrap around me from behind. I turned around and saw Morla. "Morning." she said lazily. I turned back to mum and she smiled. "Can I talk to you for a minute Morla?" I asked. "Sure" she said. We left the room and I hugged her. "Look, about the dream yesterday, can we just forget about it?" she asked. I smiled and nodded. "What did you want to talk about?" she said. "Tonight, I was wondering if yo wanted to go on a date?" I said. I never really brought her on a real date. She looked shocked at first but then smiled, "Sure." she said. 


That night, I was so excited. I wanted to bring her on a nice picnic, and watch the sunset. She was always saying that she wanted to watch the sunset. I wore a yellow shirt with blue baggy jeans. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Morla looking in the mirror, with mum in the back of her. Mum was tying her dress and I felt so happy that they got along well. Morla wore a beautiful white dress with blue flowers all around on it. "You look beautiful" I said. "Thanks babe" she said. She wrapped her arms around me and giggled. We went downstairs with mum. I grabbed the basket and said bye to mum then I put my free arm around Morla and we left. 


We got to my favourite park. I set out the blanket and we sat next to each other. "This isn't just a normal fist date." she said. "Why?" "'Cause we literally know everything about each other, usually you need to get to know each other on a first date." she laughed. We took out the food and made sure there were no fans or paps around. We ate and laughed and just had so much fun. When we were finished, we put all the plates and utensils away and sat close together. We lied down next to each other, looking at the clouds. "Look," she said, pointing to a cloud, "that one looks like you." she laughed at a huge round shaped cloud. "Heeey! Well that one looks like you!" I pointed to a a bunch of clouds crowding together. She tried to act like it hurt her but just started laughing. "I love you." she whispered. "I love you too." she moved and out her head on my chest. Then she randomly started giggling. "Whats up?" I asked. "That." she pointed up to a cloud shaped like a hand pointing the middle finger. We both started laughing and got up. "C'mon, I want to show you something." I said. I grabbed her arm and pulled her up. "Niiiiall! Where are you taking me?" she wined, while giggling. "You'll see!" I said.


Morla's POV


"You'll see!" he said. I looked at him as he pulled me across the park. "Just tell me!" I laughed, "No! You'll see!" she said again. Then he brought me to a hill and picked me up. Then he put me down at the top of the hill. "You said you wanted to see the sunset." he said. He sat down and pulled me with him. I leaned my head on his shoulder and we both watched the sun. "This is beautiful." I whispered.

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