It all started when..

What happens when you fall in love with your hero? What happens when your hero is Niall Horan? What will happen when and old figure from Morla's past, comes back into her life? Who will she choose? Niall or Alessandro? Read to find out!


36. Epilogue

*5 years later, in car*


No one's POV


"Are you excited for you first day of school, Amanda?" Morla asked her five year old daughter. They were all three of them in the car on the way to Amanda's new school. "No." she replied. For Amanda, didn't want to go to school. Like any other kid, Amanda disliked it. Although she had never been, she knew that there would be a lot of hard work involved. "Well, why not?" asked Niall. "I don't want to go." she replied in a stubborn voice. "Don't you want to make new friends? And meet the teachers?" he tried to persuaded her, but nothing would work. Amanda was a stubborn child. She never wanted to go out to places that she didn't know, she never wanted to eat different things, and she was always in front of the TV watching some cartoons. Her parents simply thought it was a phase that she would grow out of. At least, that's what the doctor had said. "No." Amanda replied to her father. Morla and Niall both looked at each other. "Well, you know who will be there?" asked Morla. "Who?" Amanda said, finally caving in. "Tommy Tomlinson and Venus Richards!" Morla exclaimed. Tommy was Louis and Eleanor's son. They had found out that she was pregnant again, the day after Amanda was born! Venus Richards was Serena and Luca's daughter. Although Serena never saw Luca again, she kept his last name. The three kids always called themselves the three musketeers. Tommy and Venus were the only other two children that Amanda knew, apart from Darcy Styles of coarse, but Darcy was only a little baby girl.  "Really?!" Amanda questioned. For the first time that day, Niall and Morla saw her smiling. "Really." they both said.


When they had gotten to school, Morla was the first to get out of the car. She opened the door to her daughter. Amanda hesitated before getting out of the car. "Mummy?" she asked. "Yes?" Morla bent down to be her size. "I'm scared." she cried. She wrapped her arms around her mother. Morla hugged her back, picking her up. Niall came to up to Amanda from behind Morla. "Don't worry, love. School's fun!" he exclaimed, even though he knew that it wasn't. Amanda smiled through the tears and got down. She took both of her parents hands while they walked in the school. The first person Amanda spotted was her dear uncle Louis. "Louis!!" she ran off to her uncle Louis who picked her up instantly. "Hey Amanda!" he laughed. She gave him a huge hug and kiss before he put her down so she can find Tommy and Eleanor. Once she found them she brought them to see Louis and her parents. "Alright babe, its time for you to go in class. Is that ok?" Morla asked Amanda. Amanda nodded and took Tommy's hand. "Lets go!" she yelled. They all looked at each other before bringing the two of them to their classroom. "Alright, students and parents, I would like to ask all of the parents to stay by their children while I call out their names and hand out these sheets. Next I would like to explain some school rules." said the teacher, Mrs. Noreen. "Alice Anderson?" "Here!" "Damien Antoninus?" "Over here!" The list went on.


As the teacher called out names, Morla let her mind wonder off. She looked around the classroom and before she knew it, Niall called out, "Right here."The teacher came their way and handed them a booklet. A few minutes later, Morla heard, "Venus Richards?" "Here!" Serena called. Morla turned to Niall and nodded as she made her way to her best friend. "Serena hey!" she laughed. "Oh hey!" They hugged. "I didn't know our kids would be in the same class!" Morla said. "Me neither!" Serena said. Morla bent down and gave a huge hug to Venus. "Hi auntie Morla." she exclaimed. Morla laughed. "Don't call me auntie! Just call me Morla!" she said and pulled her for another huge hug. "C'mon! Why doesn't she come to sit with Tommy and Amanda?" Morla asked. Venus and Serena both nodded.


Once they got to the seat next to the kids, the teacher called out the last name and asked all of the parents to take a seat near their children so that they can learn the rules. Later on once the rules were over, Morla and Niall and all of the other parents were kicked out of the classroom and sent home.


*Picking up Amanda*


"Hey babe!" Morla called. Amanda ran to her mother and cried. "Whats wrong love?" asked Niall. "The teacher asked us to answer questions but I didn't know the answers!" she said. "Aw babe its alright, what were the questions?" Morla asked. Amanda took out a sheet of paper. "I don't know." she said. Amanda didn't know how to read or write, so the questions were meant to be answered at home. "Alright, mummy and daddy will help you answer them when we get home." Morla answered. When they got to the car, Morla tied Amanda in and got in the passenger seat so Niall could drive. Half way home, Amanda said, "Mummy, daddy?" "Yes, love?" Niall answered. "How did you guys meet?" she asked. Niall and Morla looked at each other. 


Morla said, "Well babe, it all started when.."



The End

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