Seeing Beyond

Dakota Elizabeth Roze Johnson, aka Koti, is always getting bullied and picked on by the populars and her upper most bully Niall Horan. They have made her anerexic and she cuts herself because she is tired of it. She doesn't think she can live with it anymore but what will happen when Niall finally notices what he is doing to her? Will he apologise? Will she forgive him? Read to find out more! :)


1. Prologue

My name is Dakota Elizabeth Roze Johnson but my friends call me Koti. And by friends I mean my parents.

I am a huge wallflower. I am very shy around people. I don't usually make friends and I think maybe it's because I'm weird.

I practically get made fun everyday by a boy named Niall James Horan. He is one of the bad boys at school. He isn't popular for money or sports like most of the populars. He is popular because of all the fights that he gets into. He is strong and built. He never hurt me before, physically, but mentally by calling me ugly, a slut, a whore, pathetic, and much more.

I don't exactly know why he doesn't be nice to anyone but his friends and family. I don't think he has a family. He is only sixteen years old and lives alone for some odd reason. He literally scares the piss out me. I always do what he says but I never really got the confidence to stand up to him. I wish I could some day and tell him to leave me alone.

He's not the only one who makes fun of me though. There's these others that are popular but they don't scare me as much as Niall. I call the populars the "it's".

Don't get me wrong. Being made fun of hurt. A lot. I am anerexic and cut myself because of those idiots! I wish I could just drop out of school and move far, far away.

I know I should eat and stop cutting myself but it has become a habit and I can't help it anymore. No one but my mum realises it but I tell her I'm fine and to leave me alone and she just doesn't ask anymore.

Well now you know about my life but now you're about to find out how I live it. You have to See Beyond everything else.
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