Stole My Heart

Read to find out


5. Heart Attack

Lexie POV:

I got off the plane and they were playing One Way or Another in the airport (geez guyss, i had a HEART ATTACK when I saw Niall in the music video ;) <3 TOO SEXY!!!!) Me, Zee, & Sim sang along as we got our bags. Sim laughed, "Okay guys, 1D World is only a block from here. Get a taxi, then go to see Uncle Joey." We nodded, "Yes mommy." She glared at us. I smiled, "Leggo my Mofo's!!!"


Uncle Joey POV:

I went to 1D World because I have a feeling that is where they would be. Sure enough, I saw Lexie and her friends. I smiled, "Alexis!!!" She smiled and ran up to hug me, "HEY!!!" I smiled, "Okay, girls, you can shop later. First we need to get to MSG." I didn't want to tell them this, but they aren't really going to do a video. They are actaully going to meet the boys and prepare for the show.


Simmy POV:

We got to MSG! It was HUGE!! Lexie was eating some chips she found in her purse, and Zee was acting like a cool kid. Lol. Uncle Joey left us. So now, we are on the stage. Yup. All alone.


Zee POV:

"Are we getting punked?," I asked. Alexis rolled her eyes, "Not sure. UNCLE JOEY!!" He didn't answer.


Lexie POV:
"GUYS," I said, pointing at the figures coming towords us. Omg. No!!! It can't be!! Yup. It is! I screamed, "NIALLL!!!!!!" I ran into his arms. He picked me up and spun me around in a circle. I pulled away, "You remember me?" He nodded, "When I realized you and your uncle were realated, I was the one that told him to call you guys here." I blushed, "You're so sweet!!!!" He nodded and winked, 'I know." I punched him playfully. Zayn was checkin out Zee;) and Simmy was about to drool over Harry. I laughed, "Sim, I don't think that's what they meant when they said Drool on their chinny-chin-chins."

She blushed, "Sorry." Harry smiled, "It's okay, cupcake." Aww<3 Niall smiled, "Okay. Well, Lex, follow me." I nodded, didn't know what I was going to do. He brought me backstage, "Okay, Lex, I have met you once before, and I really like you. Would you like to be my girlfriend?" I smiled, "I thought you'd never ask!" He leaned in and kissed my lips gently. I smiled and kissed him back. He smiled and kissed my cheek, walking us back to the rest of them. I got some random faces... but they all knew we were dating<3


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