Stole My Heart

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4. Chocolates

Zainab's POV


''5 minutes for he take off, Please fasten your seat belts everyone.''

The flight took of and I looked down from the window. It was such an amazing view

''Can we exchange seats Zee, I want to sit next to the window''

''Yeah sure, just wait for the seatbelt sign to go off.''

2 minutes later, the seat belt sign went off.

Me and Alexis were exchanging seats when I saw a cart full of chocolates.

Omg, I ran to the chocolate cart and bought 4 Mars, 5 Snickers, 8 Kitkats, 7 Galaxy's and 6 Twix's

I couldn't even be bothered to go back to my seat and eat. Instead I stood in the front and ate like an animal.

What to say? I love chocolates. 

Simmy came and grabbed me by my arm

''Sit down!'' She whispered

I saw that she was angry on me.

Even though Simmy was the youngest I was the most childish.

''I am sorry Simmy, I won't do it again.''

''It's okay just don't do it , and if you need something tell me''

''Okay Mommy''

Lex and I use this to tease her.

''I told you not to say that anymore.''

We gave each other a tight hug.

''Aww, Now I am joining'' Lex said

''We were sitting having a group hug and I said:

''I love you guys''

''We love you too'' They said together.



Sorry for the small chapter am angry on my dad cause he bought me Conor Maynard tickets instead of One Direction. He thought Conor was Niall Pff...


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