Stole My Heart

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1. Characters


''Hi, I am Zainab and I am 16 years old. My friends call me Zee and talking about my friends; My best friends are called Simmy and Lexi. I met them in the disco while I was partying hard. We liked each other when we talked about One Direction. We are all Directioners and we're proud of it! I love singing and performing. I performed in the London Arena once! but I had a small role as a background singer.''



''Hi, I am Simran but my friends call me Simmy. I am getting 16 next week and am allowed to get my drivers license. If I get my drivers license I will get a Range Rover(so sexy) and go everywhere with my friends, Lexi and Zee. I also play the guitar and if I'm bored I go and sit in the front of the Avon theatre and play it there just like Justin Bieber. I also like One Direction and totally love Harry Styles, Well I like all of them but I can only marry one :P''




''Hiya, My name is Alexis and I love my social life. I've got Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram & Movellas.. I have got loads of friends/followers on it, but my closest two are Zee and Simmy. We are always together having fun! I love to dance. My parents were backgrounds dancers at X factor so it's kinda in my blood. I love Niall. I met him and he told me he would marry me. Yay I am future miss Horan.''



Harry Styles

''Hi all the pretty girls reading this. My name is Harry Styles and I'm from the band One Direction. I have turned 19 last week and had a huge party with my bandmates: Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall. You might know us from the ''Kiss You'' song. I can't believe that we're performing in a sold out MSG soon! I would love to surprise some fan by making her my girlfriend. It could be You! so be there and meet me.''



Louis Tomlinson

''Hi gorgeous, I am Louis from the band One Direction. Sorry but I am already taken by Eleanor Calder. Now don't send her dead threats via Twitter. Haha just kidding. I love singing, carrots and pranking. My fans call me Fablouis cause thats how fab I am, because of me the MSG was sold out!. I hope your there cause I would love to meet You!



Niall Horan

''Hi, there beautiful, My name is your husband *cough* I mean Niall Horan. You might know me from the band One Direction. I am the blonde one, You know the one from Ireland. Soon enough you will be the Queen of Ireland. Haha I hope you don't mind me saying this but I think I love You! Come meet me at MSG and I will treat you like a VIP my princess.''



Zayn Malik

''Yo guys, what up, My name is Zayn and I am in One Direction. I've got my eyes wide open, because I am waiting for my It-Girl. I mean she could be anywhere, At school, Shopping, Working, At home or reading this right now! I just want to tell that You don't need a prince to be a princess. I can't wait to surprise my fans at MSG by choosing a girl to spend the whole day with me haha this is going to be romantic.''


Liam Payne

''Hi pretty ladies, Je m'appelle Liam and I am from the band One Direction. People call me the Dad of the band because I am a quite serious guy and If the guys mess up I am the one to get them out of trouble. I love my girlfriend Danielle Peazer. Don't worry she is my girlfriend You are my future wife *wink*. Just come to the MSG concert and meet me backstage.''


Uncle Joey

'' Hi guy, I am Alexis' uncle, uncle Joey. I work at the MSG and organise the concerts. The concert for Justin Bieber, The one for the movie Never Say Never, I organised that one. I am now organising a concert for One Direction, You know the band that has a song like:''Your insecure don't know what for, Your turning heads when you walk through the door...'' Yeah I mean those guys. I met them once while organising, quite a nice lot really So down to Earth. Lexi and her friends have been talking about them so I thought of giving them a surprise...''



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