Stole My Heart

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2. Call

Alexis POV:


Me and Zee and Simmy were hanging out at my house. I looked up at my new Tiger Beat magazine, "Ahhhh. Niall is sooo attractive!!!" Zee laughed, "So is Zayn!" Simmy smiled, "Let's not forget about Harold!" I smiled. Yup. These are my besties. We are all obsessed with One Dire-

"If you don't wanna take it slow you just wanna take me home, baby say yeah-"

I picked up my iPhone, "Hello?" My uncle Joey was on the other line, "Lex?" I smiled, "Hey, Uncle Joey!" He laughed, "I have a question for you." I bit my lip, "Okay?" He replied instantly, "I need you and your friends to help me premote a new commercial for MSG." I almost screamed, "Yes!!!" He laughed, "Okay. See you next week?" I was almost in tears, "Totally! Byeee!!!"

I slammed my phone down on my bed and screamed, "Ahhhhhhh!!!!" Simmy looked at me, freaked out, "What?!?!" I smiled, "We're going to NYC!!!!!!" Zee and me and Simmy did our happy dance. I stopped dancing, "What am I gonna wear?! What if I see Justin Bieber?! What if I meet my future husband?!?!" Omg. So many thoughts running through my head. Woah...



~Hope you like it! :D Sorry it's short, but I'm really busy! xoxo -Lex~

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