Adam Harth begin to have visions; nightmares of the unknown, and he doesn't like it. Struggling to fight for a normal life, he finds himself in a twisted tale of the good and the evil.


2. Chapter 2

After two cautious periods in between boys who wanted to pretty much break me on my first day, I was delighted to escape the tension of the classroom. I headed to the playground benches to eat my snack. Big happy groups already took most of them, but I saw an empty bench at the far corner of the playground. I sat there while watching all those groups I could belong in. But for now, I was on my own. Alone. Mum wouldn’t be happy when I say, “Mum, I don’t have friends yet,” I would have to step up. The thing is, no one looks my way. Is this how they treat newbies? I wonder how they even get a friend…

I opened my bag of goods and took out the sandwich my mum made for me. I would hate to see her face when I’d say that I was eating this delicious meal alone. But as I bit the sandwich, I could see someone coming up to me in the corner of my eyes. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I could say something good to her.

The person stopped an arms length away from me and I looked up to face a boy about my age who had black hair that was spiked up like he had put on some gel. He was wearing his white school shirt tucked-in his black school trousers, unlike most of the students, including me. I noticed that his trousers were too baggy and was already touching the ground, nearly hiding his black leather shoes. On his left wrist was a black sophisticated-looking watch and was holding a blue bag in right hand.

“Can I sit there?” he asked, his head gesturing to the empty space next to me. Was he new too?

“Um, ya, sure,” and he took his place, putting the bag on his lap and opening it. I went back to eating while he grabbed his food and started to eat. But he faltered as he began to take a bite into the food and stretched his hand towards me as a greeting.

“I’m Ryan, by the way,” he said.

I shook Ryan’s hand, saying, “Adam. Nice to meet you.”

“You new, right?” glancing at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Ya. I joining year 7 this year. You?” I said, wishing that he was what I thought he was.

“Oh, no. I’ve been in this school since year 4,” he said in a matter-of-fact way. If he was here alone talking to me, where were his friends?

“Do you want to join my friends and I?” Ryan asked as if he could read my mind, “they’re there over the other side,” he pointed at a group of four sitting on benches with a table. Two of them were sitting on the table, both boys, and the other two, girls, were on the benches sitting across each other. They were gleefully chatting amongst themselves, smiling at each other, obviously thrilled that they were together again after the summer break. I tried to imagine myself with them, how happy I could be. How my mum would be pleased that I had found new friends.

“Yes. I’ll come with you. But are you sure that they’re ok with this?” I asked with my hopes high up, but I knew it was better to be safer than sorry.

“Nah, they wouldn’t mind another person joining us! Anyway, you look so lonely and we don’t want that,” and he stood up, ushering for me to come with him as he strolled back to his friends. But as I began packing my food back in my bag, I felt a cold presence and a shadow engulfing me. In front of me, Thorp and his four minions gave me the vicious stares they had earlier. Why did they remind me of my nightmare? Were they connected? That couldn’t be right, I was in a forest and there was no forest nearby. I guess nothing was as it seemed.

“So here’s the punk that stole my seat. I’m surprised you’re out here in the open, where I can find you easily and tear you to shreds!” Thorp said, “wouldn’t you want that, guys?”

“Ya!” his team cheered in unison. I felt the chill running down my spine again. This isn’t happening, I thought, not when the day is getting better.

“Hey Thorp! Back off! Don’t do this to the new kid!” Ryan called as he made his way towards us. The gang turned to face him and, with the expressions they gave him, I thought Ryan was as good as dead.

But Thorp only said, “why? I thought-”

“Well, you thought wrong,” Ryan walked to him, nearly nose to nose apart, not looking away and not afraid, “BACK. OFF.”

They had a little staring contest, but Thorp lost, saying, “fine,” and walked away, his minions following his lead. Ryan came up to me, his face showing satisfaction. I stared in awe, wondering how he got Thorp to back off so easily.

I had a feeling I shouldn’t ask, but I did anyway, “Ryan. Um, how you did that?”

“You mean getting Thorp to go away?” I nodded, “Hmm…I’d say…we have an understanding between each other,” he then looked my way, smiled and said, “ come on. Let’s meet my friends, I bet they’d be thrilled to see someone new!”


They were still chatting when Ryan told me to sit, like they couldn’t see me. So much for a good first meeting.

“Hey guys. This is Adam,” Ryan announced, heads turned towards me.

“Hey ya, Adam!” the girl beside me said, “I’m Rosy!” Her eyes were wild and her curly brown hair was all over the place. Even her clothes were a bit messed up; wrinkles were evident on her school shirt and skirt. Didn’t her family have time to do something about that?

“Don’t mind her everlasting-enthusiasm. Most of the time it helps, but it can get really annoying,” the other girl said, raising her hand towards me with a forced smile, “I’m Elizabeth, by the way. You can call me Liz if you like,” and I shook her hand. It was surprisingly rough but the grip was strong and hard. She had straight blond hair up to her shoulders and, though she tried to look friendly, her face carried a stern expression.

Liz also introduced the other two boys, clearly twins, who just sat with the exact smiles beaming at me, “These are Mark and Jordan, twins as you can see.”

They had the same close-cropped hair, blue eyes and silly-looking faces. The twins dressed the same; the identical belts and belt-buckles down to matching ways of how they tied their shoelaces. The only thing that could distinguish who’s who, was their chins: Mark had a butt-chin and Jordan had a pointed-chin.

“So since we all know each other,” Ryan said as he turned to me, “tell me, Adam, which class are you from again?”


“Ah. We’re all,” gesturing to the group, “from 7G. There are a lot of good students in our class, but there are more in your class, Adam. You’re in the top class! I bet you’ll get other friends in your class, but also watch out for Thorp. You know what he and his little gang are like.”

“Ya. I got a taste of that,” remembering the brutal eyes and unfriendly stares they gave me. Just thinking about it sent chills through my body.

Ryan looked at his watch and said, “Well, I think that it’s about time that we should,” the bell rang, “go.” And off we went to our next lessons. As I took my place in the class, I hoped I wouldn’t have to worry about them anymore since Ryan and Thorp had their staring competition.

Fortunately, they didn’t even drop a glance at me, which was a relief, and the rest of the day was carefree. Though, I found that weird.

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