Adam Harth begin to have visions; nightmares of the unknown, and he doesn't like it. Struggling to fight for a normal life, he finds himself in a twisted tale of the good and the evil.


1. Chapter 1


Hey, Adam Harth here! As you know, people just live normal lives as…well…themselves. Having to live ‘normal’ is just not me; I have a destiny that would save or bring this world to its end. From now on, I have to make frustrating decisions to help save humanity, and one wrong choice that I make can turn the fate of the world around. Forever…


I woke with a start. My face was covered with beaded sweat crawling down my cold, damp face and my body shivered in fear. The vision was blurry, so I couldn’t see things around me. But it still gave me the creeps.

“Where am I?” I thought to myself.

“Adam! Time for breakfast! Your getting late for school!” a familiar voice called. It was female, one with the kindest heart of all. It was my mum calling, saying it with a whole-hearted voice. It so caring I couldn’t resist obeying my task.

“Coming! Just a minute!” I called back. I rushed to join her in the dining room, just to find my mum waiting for me on the dinning chair, smiling with her sweet blue eyes and perfect teeth. Her silk blond hair was neatly tied back into a bun. She was wearing her pink summer top and her multi-coloured skirt along with her blue and orange flip-flops.

“How are you, dear? You looking unwell,” she asked with concern.

“Um…I’m fine mum. Nothing is wrong with me,” I said convincingly. But in the back of my mind, I knew I wasn’t fine at all. Something was bothering me: my dream last night. It just won’t leave.

I was running with my life down a long narrow path in the middle of a dark ever-growing forest. My heart pounding with terror, my muscles aching with determination not to stop, my mind racing with thoughts of death…what was I doing in a forest? Behind me, I could see shadows of scaly creatures with pointed horns crookedly placed on their heads, beefy thighs and arms, long heavy tails and, what terrified me the most, pairs of big uncared wings. I could hear thundering growls and the smell of horrible, rotten meat wafted in the air. What were they? Why were they chasing ME?

“Adam?” my mum cut me of my deep thought, “Are you sure your fine? You seem to have a rough start of the day,” she asked, her voice full of concern and her fine smile turned into a frown. Thoroughly, her eyes scanned my face, and then she touched my face with her soft, warm hands. Finally, she brought back her soothing smile and said, ”Why don’t you eat up and get ready for your first day of school? Meet a lot of new friends and come home with some exciting news for me, I’ll be waiting. Ok?”

I brought out a delightful smile, “Sure mum! I’ll come home with news you want, news about my new friends, new teachers and, of course, my new school!”

“That’s my boy. Now, eat, you don’t want to be late,” she stood and left the room to get my snacks ready. When my mother was gone, my smile suddenly turned to a terrified frown; again, my nightmare poked me, sending my mind back to that ugly forest I’ve never seen before.

“Huh…it was just a nightmare, I’m sure it won’t happen again,” I mumbled to myself, but I wasn’t sure if saying it was going to reassure me; it seemed to scare me more instead. What if it did come back? My life would be terrible! “No! Don’t even think about, Adam! No!” I thought to myself. If I was going to think about it all day, I wouldn’t be able to focus in class and my mum would be worried again. I don’t want that to happen.


   “Good morning class! I’m Mrs. Fletcher. Now tell me, how was your summer holidays?” asked my new teacher at the front of the wide room with individual desks instead of connected tables and chairs. One wall was a floor to ceiling window looking out to the spacious school field, and another had a hanging interactive board. Unfortunately, when I came in, the seat at the back was the only one available, so I was sitting on my own, with no friends. Could this day get any worse?

“Actually, before your start chattering about that, I would like you all to meet our new classmate. Please make him feel welcome and be nice to him,” then Mrs. Fletcher gestured me to come up on front, as the children twisted their heads to check out the new kid. I stood up carefully, making sure not to make a fool out of myself on the first day. Quickly but steadily, I walked to the front, with the other gazing at me, following my every move. As I reached the front, my teacher placed her hands on my shoulders, then said, “Could you please introduce yourself? Say your name, age, and from where you are. Your new friends will get to know you better. Oh, and if you want to add anything else, something appropriate, feel free to.”

“Uh…my name is Adam, I’m 12 and I’m from Auckland…you know…New Zealand,” I said with half of the class looking into space.

“Thank you, Adam. Now, take your seat and we’ll start the day.”

I took my place in the classroom, behind everybody else, alone.

But Mrs. Fletcher noticed, “hmm…I think, Adam, you’ll need a new seat; you seem so lonely there. That is definitely not a good warm welcome. Let me see,” then she scanned the room with her brown eyes for a seat I could take, “Ah! Now, Thorp, can you swap seats with dear Adam, please?”

A guy on my right stood up abruptly, then turned to face me with his vicious eyes, crooked nose and misshapen teeth. As he came closer he gave me an evil look as if promising he’d come after me when break comes. It was certain. Oh, what was I going to when that happens? Was I just going to have to live with it…along with humiliation?

I stood, trying to avoid the guy’s glare, and made my way to take his place. It was definitely better than where I had been. At least there were others around me, all boys. Wait. They were giving me cold, unfriendly, hostile stares. Were they somehow Thorp’s minions? My thoughts were brought back to my nightmare last night and how cold I felt running through the forest in fear of my life. Immediately, I wanted to go back to being alone. They looked away and I started to raised my hand, but Mrs. Fletcher already had began the first lesson - English - and forgot about my current well-being. Well, I’m going to have to survive until I can talk to the teacher, I thought to myself.

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