The girl that was theres <3

There Was a girl called Jade smith she was 18 years old she goes on an adventure and meets 5 guys but does she like them and do they like her.


1. School :/

Jade Smith is just an average 18 year old, she have great friends and has an amazing boyfriend. It was her last day at Elmco High school, She was great at drama and decided that  the whole of year 13 should do a play about the school's history. She was preparing the stage when she got distracted from her boyfriend James he was kissing her down her neck but she stepped away, "what you doing jade" he asked  "I'm preparing the stage and you distracted me the show starts in 3 hours" Jade Replied. " okay then I will leave I will see you later by the swings" he walked out and blew a kiss to her, She giggled. when the show finished she got flowers from the head teacher and then she went to the swings. She saw James sitting on the swing and then he got up to kiss her. He started kissing heavily but she didn't mind  he took her to the garage which has a bed in there he started to take her top off and then her skirt then Jade started to feel uncomfortable she pushed James and said "I don't feel like doing this right now we will have to do it another time" she picked up her bag and left to her car. That night she got a text from James saying that he is going into town tomorrow and he will not see her. Jade got suspicous from this because James never goes into town so she texted Her bff Ashley and said that they will go in to town tomorrow and spy on him to see what he was doing.


So the next day Ashley came to pick Jade up and they went into town, they saw James and he went into the music store but then Jade saw something which made her want to scream, she saw James snogging another girl she couldn't stand it and went into the store and slapped James round the face, She left as son as possible, Ashley didnt bother to go after her as she was having a argument with James.                                                             

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