The girl that was theres <3

There Was a girl called Jade smith she was 18 years old she goes on an adventure and meets 5 guys but does she like them and do they like her.


2. 5 boys

Jade ran into a music room and sat there crying when suddenly she heard 5 voices and she quickly turned her head up and she saw 5 cute boys standing there smiling , the first boy had curly brown hair and was dressed up with a checked shirt and a blazer with some chinos, The next boy have short brown hair and wore a checked shirt an chinos, the next boy and swiped brown hair and was wearing a t-shirt with brasers, the next boy  had blonde hair and was holding a guitar and the last boy was gorgeous he had sticked up black hair and was wearing a suit. the curly haired boy was called Harry Styles, The short hair one was called Liam Payne, the boy with the blasers was called Louis Tomlinson, The blonde haired boy was called Niall Horan and the gorgeous boy was called Zayn Malik. 

After a year Jade had got married to Zayn and had twin girls called Olivia and Megan. Louis,Liam, Harry and niall became the godfathers and James had lost his girl and was then a homeless person and tried to get jade back she ignored because she had the man of her life now Zayn and that would stay. 

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